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Virginia Beach, VA

Joined Mar 5, 2010


About Me

I am an extremely enthusiastic Realtor in the Hampton Roads area who believes that this historically crazy market is the best market for many many people. The key is to be educated ,and no better way to do that than to talk to a Professional. Being in education for 17 years has always given me the love reading and learning. Part of my expertise is acclimating to our changing market times. With designations in the Foreclosure field and the Short Sale field I am determined to stay on the cutting edge of what is going on today. This historical low can become your historical high. I really enjoy my job and enjoy the happiness that comes from the faces of all of my clients. From the young couple who just purchased a foreclosure property that fits the dreams of a home that they could only dream of affording in a different market to my zany investors who love to shop properties like they are going to the market on any given day. There is also the family that has gone through economic hard times, illness and unforeseen events. Helping these families move their homes in the Short sale process to avoid foreclosure is a good, good feeling among dire circumstances. Just knowing they have curtailed calamity is very rewarding in my industry. ****So many things to be thankful for in our ever changing world. Always take a moment to think about all the good things....and while your at it...make it a great day.