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By Trent Warner Monopoly Builder | Mortgage Broker
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Home Upgrades for the Elderly

For those with elderly parents still living at home or for those planning on living their retirement years in their current house, planning ahead could add much comfort and safety to your life. There are many home upgrades you can add to your own or your parents' home that will ensure plenty of years of safe living. Consider the following when updating a home for the elderly:

Make getting around easier. Consider adding ramps to important entrances of the home. Even if wheelchairs aren't currently used at the place of residence, ramps still facilitate getting around for older homeowners. Even smaller aspects like door knobs can make all the difference. Swapping out knobs for levers can make life a lot easier for some. Speaking of doors, creating larger passageways is also a smart idea. With three-foot or wider walkways, anyone can be sure to fit a wheelchair, walker or any other help-aiding accessory through from room-to-room. You never know what you may need in the future.

Pay special attention to safety issues. Swapping out older appliances for safety ones is a great place to start. Sinks with a single lever run less risk of burnings than ones that have separate hot and cold handles. Additionally, stoves with controls in the front are safer than ones that require reaching over hot burners. Furthermore, any feature that can be added to lessen the need for reaching up or bending over is a definite plus, such as: cabinets with pull-down shelves, elevated washers and dryers, and refrigerators with higher drawers.

Bathroom Upgrades. Grab bars are very important for older homeowners and should be installed when needed. In fact, an overall easy-to-use shower is irreplaceable, adding a folding seat and handheld shower nozzle to the list. You can also look into purchasing a higher raised toilet that can rise up 17 or more extra inches off the ground. All of these bathroom additives will ensure a safer experience and hopefully prevent accidents from happening.

Even if the house ends up on the market later down the road, these features are still positive selling points to many buyers. The best time to think about these upgrades is before you or someone else needs them.

Source: Bankrate


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By Trent Warner Monopoly Builder,  Sat Mar 5 2011, 06:54
This caught my eye because I got 3 requests this week for loans to improve the elder housing conditions.
By David & Samuel Rifkin,  Fri Feb 8 2013, 14:05
Thank you very much for this great information.


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