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By Tracie Whillock | Agent in 33460

My First day of shooting for HGTV's.....My First Sale!!!

I was picked to be on an episode of MY FIRST SALE on HGTV!!!   Now..panic sets in!!!  I thought I would share my whole experience with everyone with this once in a lifetime opportunity.  It should be fun with plenty of bloopers and some behind the scenes dish, so follow along with me as I go through this journey. 

Saturday was my first day of shooting. The premise of the show is to capture on tv the complete process for the first time home seller. It gives you an opportunity to experience the whole process with a home seller from listing to offer, to inspection to appraisal and then to closing, with all the drama in between.  These days the home selling process is harder than ever.  We are dealing with buyer's financing issues, appraisals coming in too low or too high and even buyers that are super picky because the tighter restrictions on getting financed.  They want a great house!  As you can imagine, there is plenty of drama with the ups and downs in the whole process.  Of course HGTV is there to catch all of it!!

Did I mention I'm camera shy and I'm always the girl that does NOT want to be featured in the photo.  Yeah...exactly!!  Why did I sign up for this??? By the way, HGTV called me.  When the offer presented itself, I had to take it! 

My first day of shooting was Saturday and had no idea what to expect. Sure, I watch HGTV all the time and Tivo all the shows, but me...in one?  Talk about being under the microscope. Saturday came and it was "GO TIME"!  I think having three brothers really made me equate everything to a sporting event..."GO TIME"...really????  Pulled out the outfit that made me feel fierce and makeup hopefully just right. I did my homework for the listing presentation, so I felt prepared. 

As soon as I got there it was fast paced!  The producer gave me a quick synopsis of how the day was going to go and said..."Just be yourself" Ok,sure...with two huge cameras in my face and a fluorescent light over my head that doesn't flatter anyone!  "Sure"..I said.  Try to act calm.  I could feel the energy and excitement in the air.  Was this really happening I thought?  I got wired for sound and ready to go! 

First they shot me in the car while I was driving.  They wanted to capture me coming to the home.  I asked the camera guy if the camera had to be that close??!!  No turning back now.  The day then went on for 6 more hours.  I had no idea all of this went into a 30 minute episode.  We went room to room, pointing out the good and the bad and the recommendations.  The final sit down for the listing presentation was the last part of the day.  I'm exhausted and my feet are killing me, I had to wear the cute heals.  A lot to remember and the pressure is on to make it right!

So day one is over!!! The next shooting will be for the offer presentation.  The homeowners are making some final repairs to the home which I suggested and then we should be up and listed and ready to go! 

Follow along with me as I write about my HGTV experience...should be exciting!!



By Freddy Fluchel,  Fri Apr 15 2011, 09:23
That is awesome Tracie!! Do you have a link to the video/episode yet?
By Timothy M. Garrity,  Fri Apr 15 2011, 10:18

I am a huge fan of My First Place. Best of luck with the rest of your shoot.

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