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By The Roshek Group | Agent in Woodland Park, CO

Control Clutter in Your Colorado Home!

oldbooksCollections.  Prized Possessions.  Family Heirlooms.  Memorabilia.  We all have these in our home in some form.  However, have these possessions taken over?  Is every inch of every shelf covered with photos, books, and keepsakes?  Do you have so many clothes that you don’t even know what is at the back of your closet?  Do you even know what the countertop looks like under the stacks of papers and canisters?  If you’ve said yes to any of this, it’s time to take back your Colorado dream home and get rid of the clutter.  Whether you’re looking to sell your home or enjoy another decade in it, there are steps you can take to end the clutter for good:

1. Schedule Time to Clean:  De-cluttering is a time-consuming process.  Taking on all of the rooms at once and trying to do the whole house in a weekend can be frustrating, exhausting, and overwhelming.  Instead, schedule a time each day to work toward your goal.  Set a timer so you don’t have to keep track of time.  Then, methodically work through the clutter, finishing one room before you move on to the next.  Remember, your dream home didn’t get this way overnight – it will take time to get it cleaned.

2. Get Organized:  Now that you have decided when you will work, you need a plan on how you will work.  Pick a room to start in.  Depending on your lifestyle, you may decide to start with either the least cluttered room or the most heavily used area of your home.  Then, label three boxes –Trash, Donations, and Keep so you have an easily, visible way to sort items as you go through the room.  You may also wish to choose a charity to take your donations to – knowing your items will help a family in need can be a great motivator in letting things go.

3. Do the easy stuff first:  It is true that we suggest moving through the room in a systematic way, but it may be best to start with the obvious.  Look around and get rid of old magazines, newspapers and stray “stuff” that can obviously be discarded.  This will open up additional space for you to work in, and get rid of some of the bulk before you spend time thinking and sorting.

4. Think it through:  As a general rule of thumb, discard or donate items that you haven’t used in the last 6 months.  After all, if you’ve lived without them for this long, do you really need them?  However, while you will want to get through this process quickly; don’t fall into the trap of making desperate or rash decisions to “throw it all away”.  The process is designed to rid yourself of unwanted items, not give away everything you love.

5.  How many shelves do you need:  As you de-clutter your Colorado home, you will find that you now have empty shelves, bare tables, and floor space.  Since empty shelves often beg for new items, we suggest removing them as part of the de-cluttering process.  This will open up the space in your home and remove the temptation to refill empty spaces.

6. Enjoy your space and plan for the future:  Now that the clutter is gone, sit down, put your feet up and enjoy your area.  Enjoy the mountain view out your window or simply relax in your favorite chair and read a good book in your newly found space.  In order to keep the clutter from taking over again, set aside a few minutes each day to put away items that end up on the table or floor.  After all, you don’t want all of your hard work to be for nothing!

Living in an open, clear space will allow you to enjoy all that your home has to offer.  It will cut down on the time needed to clean your home, and allow you more freedom to do the things that are important to you.   If you are considering selling your home, this is also the first step to preparing it to show potential buyers.  After all, a buyer won’t put an offer on your home if they can’t see its potential!

Buying and selling your home can be an emotional experience, especially in today’s market.  Let us help ease your stress.  When you’re ready to buy or sell in the Pike’s Peak area, call the Roshek Group! We are ready to help you with all of your real estate needs.

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