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By Theresa Daniels | Agent in Columbus, GA

Did you know...Credit scores need some help

There are lots of people who would like to take advantage of low interest rates to buy a home.  The problem is that their credit scores are low and no lender will finance them.  What to do?  Go to one of those companies who advertise they will, FOR A FEE, solve your problem?  DON'T DO IT! I repeat, DON'T DO IT!
Here are something you can do yourself.  First thing; Know what is on your credit report.  Get one FREE every year at www.AnnualCreditReport.com.   You want your report from each of the main three companies that are reported to.  (As a side note, I usually have problems getting all three of them if I select each one on the first page.  You probably want to select one at a time, save/print it, the go back and select the next one.)  Go over them to make sure it is all your information and that your information is correct.  This is a lenders picture of you and how you pay your debts.  This information is being looked at to determine if you will be offered a loan and what type of risk you present.  It can also affect the premium you pay on auto insurance and even if you will be offered that job.
It's a given that paying your bills on time will raise your credit scores.  Sometimes you may not have a score, then what?

Check back later and I will tell you a shortcut I employed to improve my credit score.

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