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By The Wells Team | Agent in Dawsonville, GA

Mutual Respect: Where is it?

What a crazy year! Our local market is the busiest in years, homes are selling, people are buying, and agents are working 24/7.

The euphoria comes with a price: A lot of stressed agents, buyers, and sellers!

And with the stress there are issues with how we are treating each other.

Overall the majority of our experiences with other agents, buyers, and sellers have been good.

However we have seen an increase in the amount of "personality issues" we are having with fellow agents, buyers, and sellers.

So a couple of thoughts:

Agents-Whether you are representing the buyer or seller we still have the same goal: Putting together a deal while representing our clients. Negotiating is a two way street. Both sides need to feel that they have won. So work with the other agent, communicate, and respect the other agent

Sellers-You hired us to represent you in the marketing and sale of your home. You hired us because you trust us, acknowledge our professionalism, training, and experience. Treat us as professionals. Yelling, swearing, and scolding us like children (personal experience this year) does not motivate us to work harder for you.

Buyers-Believe us when we tell you we are continuously looking for the home that meets your criteria. We drive a lot of miles and spend countless hours on your behalf. Getting short with us (personal experience) does not help.

Appreciate the diversities in other people instead of criticizing them

In other words: Mutual Respect

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By Kawain Payne, Realtor, Notary,  Fri Sep 13 2013, 12:03
GREAT post!!!

You are preaching to the choir here. I think the web is part to blame. There is so much info out there for sellers, buyers. They think they know it all. They look at us as over paid paper pushers. In fact they think we all rank in the BIG bucks just doing a little paper work. I love this business, but the past few years have been less than pleasant:(
Kawain Payne, Realtor
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