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By MICHAEL J. GALLO | Agent in Port Richey, FL

I Want to List My Home at a High Price and Negotiate Low Offers

I want to List my Home at a High Price and negotiate the Low Offers.  I have heard this many times in the past few years.  I can almost understand the logic but here are the facts.

The main reason to not do this is simple.  When Real Estate Agents and Buyers search homes on the internet there is always a section to fill in the price.  When home shopping in any area Real estate Agents and Buyers know what the fair market value is for the area and that is the number entered in the search.  So, if your home is worth approximately $100,000 based on the home sales in your neighborhood and you list your home at $150,000 with the intention to negotiate lower offers you will never get that chance.  Noone will be searching a $100,000 neighborhood for $150,000 homes.  Over Pricing makes your home invisible.

This is a buyers market.  Home Buyers are out looking in full force.  Everytime I have buyers in my car we pass homes with For Sale signs in the yard and I had no idea it was for sale.  These homes are the ones that are priced well above the neighborhood. 

In Our local area the home inventory is low and buyers are everywhere.  When this happens everything rises and falls on price.  Do not have your home on the market priced where it is invisible.  The fact is that the longer a home is on the market the less money it sells for.  Every buyer asks "how long as this home been for sale"  if I say "7 months" The offer they make is Low. 

Remeber, what you paid, what you invested, what your neighbor says, what your spouse says is all irrelivant.  You Home Will Sell for What People are Willing to Pay for It.  Period.
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