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By Tara-Nicholle Nelson | Broker in San Francisco, CA

Predictions: 10 Healthiest Housing Markets of 2013

In real estate, as you might have heard, location is everything. It’s relatively straightforward to figure out which neighborhood in a particular town is the right location, location, location for your needs - schools, character, proximity to amenities and things like crime rates and commutability render a given neighborhood more or less of a good fit for a given home owner.

But how can you tell which cities you should feel optimistic about in the coming year?  

It’s all about the fundamentals, folks.

I sat down with Trulia’s Economist, Jed Kolko, and asked him for his short list of spots across the country that he projects will be the healthiest housing markets in 2013, and for his rationale behind picking the cities that made the list. Kolko explained: “The healthy markets that made the list have strong job growth (Bureau of Labor Statistics), which bodes well for housing demand; low vacancy rates (U.S. Postal Service)–low enough to encourage new construction, but not so low that inventory and sales are restrained; and low foreclosure inventory (RealtyTrac), since foreclosures tend to hold back recovery.”

The 10 Healthiest Metros for Housing in 2013


Houston, TX


San Francisco, CA


Bethesda-Rockville-Frederick, MD


San Antonio, TX


Austin, TX


Seattle, WA


Omaha, NE-IA


Peabody, MA ***


Fort Worth, TX


Louisville, KY-IN

Among the 100 largest metros.

***Note that Peabody MA refers to the Essex County metropolitan division, which includes the suburbs north of Boston, with a population of 740,000.

Kolko elaborated: “Of these 10, four are in Texas (Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Fort Worth); two are on the West Coast (San Francisco and Seattle); two are northeastern suburban metros (Bethesda, next toWashington DC; and Peabody MA, north of Boston); and Omaha and Louisville round out the list. These aren’t necessarily the markets with huge price gains going into 2013, but they have strong fundamentals. For instance:

Interestingly enough, Kolko went on, “rising prices were not included as part of our definition of healthy local housing markets. Many of the markets with the largest price gains in 2012 were rebounding from huge price declines during the bust, but they still have weak fundamentals, such as high vacancy rates, large foreclosure inventories, or slow job growth. For instance, Las Vegas and Phoenix both have high vacancy rates and large foreclosure inventories going into 2013, despite having year-over-year asking-price increases of 14% and 27%, respectively, according to the November Trulia Price Monitor. And Detroit has a sky-high vacancy rate and is suffering job losses, even though asking prices in Detroit rose 10% year-over-year."

"Just as losing lots of weight might be part of an unhealthy cycle of yo-yo dieting, big price gains aren’t necessarily a sign of a healthy housing market if they’re being driven by a post-crash rebound, rather than solid fundamentals. That’s why Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Detroit aren’t on the healthiest-markets list for 2013.”

And he didn’t stop there - Kolko went on to call out a whole list of what will be IN and OUT in real estate in 2013. Get up to speed on this year's predictions,

ALL:  What do you hope to see happen in the housing markets this year? What about in your local market?

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By Mark D Fleysher, MBA,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 12:45
Awesome. Though Trulia's statistics show high vacancies and large foreclsore inventories, this is far from true! We have little to no foreclosures on the market, as banks instigate and cooperate with short sales and loan modifications, and managing over 300 properties, I can comfortable say we don't have enough properties to rent! Great place to invest: Las Vegas... Learn more here: http://sellstatedeluxe.com/las-vegas-real-estate-investments/. Also, Feel free to follow us on Facebook, too: http://www.facebook.com/SellstateDeluxe
By Efrain D Hernandez,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 15:01
Please add Enterprise Al 36330 "The New 90210 of the South East" to the list. The most vibrant and thriving macropolitan market in the nation. For more info visit http://www.facebook.com/thelegendsenterise.com
By John Mcquilkin,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 15:25
Great article. My ciity Beverly Hills seems to be faring well in the recovery. http://www.SuperHomeSearch.com
By Dana Brown,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 15:41
The Denver housing market is alive and well! We have less inventory of homes and anything lingering on the market for more than a few weeks is not priced correctly! Buyers are being coached to act quickly if they find the right home! You can check out our market at http://www.DanaDuzDenver.com
By Elizabeth Kroncke,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 15:48
Hi all,
I am writing from Westfield, New Jersey where you will find very low inventory, no foreclosures and homes going at market rate or above because they are a bottom prices. The markets these days are very area specific. You must contact your local agent to get a handle on the real stats. If you want to move to the east coast and be within 45minutes by train to Manhattan then let me take you on a tour of Westfield, New Jersey . Check out my website http://www.elizabethkroncke.com.
Texas may be on the top of the list because it was already as low as it could go.
sorry . but true
By Danielle Vella,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 15:51
If you are looking to buy or sell in Arizona please search my site.

By Mohammed Tiouat,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 15:53
Orlando, Fl is coming back!
By Sfbacon,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 15:56
Yes,the city by the bay delivers yet again in another national survey. GO San Francisco!!
By Sarah Mercer Chatel,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 15:57
Atlanta is soaring. There is little inventory thus making it a seller's market. Foreclosure and short sales are low as well. It is a great time to buy property here. If you know anyone needing information on buying, selling or investing in metro Atlanta please let me know. http://www.sarah-sells.com
Facebook: Atlanta Homes of Harmony https://www.facebook.com/AtlantaHomesOfHarmony?ref=hl or 365 Fun Things to Do in Atlanta https://www.facebook.com/365FunThingsToDoInAtlanta?ref=hl
By FritzG Duque,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 16:06
San Jose/Silicon Valley is the place to invest. There are excellent schools and JOBS--due there is a strong presence of top companies in the area that invest in the local businesses in the county. Not perfect, but, overall, a very solid and healthy economy here.
By Cristinalangstaff,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 16:15
i am surprised no florida cities are on the list. Here in Jacksonville, FL our sales are increasing and house prices are on the rise!
By Busterholzapfel,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 16:22
We moved to the bay area (Marin) 1.5 years ago from Vancouver B.C. We rented an apartment in the city the first 6 months so that we could explore and really think about neighbourhoods etc. 60 days before our apartment lease was up we got a letter stating our place was going from $3200.00 to $4800.00 a month (640 sq ft killer view) We had a contract on our present home in place and it affirmed to us that buying was the right thing. We also heard similar rental stories all over the city and from our neighbours who were trying to find a place to move so to not pay the huge rent increase. The house we bought in Marin has soared in value by almost 20%. Everything in our Marin town flies off the market and the prices are vastly greater than what we were seeing when we were house shopping. The job market here is amazing. My spouse is in biotech and gets at least 7-8 recruiters a week contacting him. He's already left the job he came here for and got another making $40k more. San Francisco is the place to be.
By Wbsey,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 16:29
Here in the Woodward coreadore of metro Detroit the turn around is remarkable!
It has become a sellers market in 2012 ..this year looks even brighter!
By Rick Waible Sr.,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 17:12
Rick Waible
Same here in Bend Oregon, prices on the rise and lowest inventory in years. Buyers need to act quickly if they find the right home! For stats email me at rickw@bendbroadband.com
By Roland Northland,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 17:19
Very little inventory for investors in your neighborhood? Take a look at some of the markets I am buying in.
By maresa,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 17:30
I appreciate the recovery in some aras but quite frankly wish it were not quite so healthy in the SF Bay Area. It just means priced out to me!!
By J,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 17:42
I'm in Houston and been looking for an affordable house in the past 9 months. Not only me, I know 2 other families are panicing looking. Houses here typically sold within the first few days of listing with multi offers above listing price. I'm just happy to got my contract and I dont care... I'll pay as much as I can afford to fix it up. I definitely dont want to go thru the beating wars again. I totally agree with the report and Houston, no doubt on the top of the list!
By Clifford E Wilson,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 17:46
As a native Floridian in the "REAL" heart of Florida, I am sad to see that no Florida cities made the list. Let's work on that Florida Realtors!
Clifford Wilson
Century 21 Ehlers Realty
Ocala, Fl.
By Wally,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 18:08
Michigan is coming back. We bought a foreclosure a bit north of Detroit in March 2011 for $77,500. We are in the process of doing a refi to lower the interest rate. Had an appraisal done and it appraised at $165,000 in little over 18 months. The only problem coming up is that the state will start raising the property taxes soon. ha!
By jimgibbons,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 18:14
Jim Gibbons of Sun City West, Az. The information I've seen on Phoenix metro vacancies and foreclosures still on the market are very, very encouraging here. The market prices here in 2012 rose substantially because of strong demand and falling inventories. Baby boomers are headed this way for winter or permanent living. Trust me.
By Harry Clegg,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 18:20
WE are rocking out here in Louisville, Kentucky! http://www.homesbyharryclegg.kwrealty.com
Keller Williams Louisville East.
By Lyn McFarland,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 18:20
The Asheville NC market, although much smaller than those listed, is rocking. It is the best small city in America to live in. If you are interested in more info check out http://www.AshevilleBulldogRealty.com Or email imagine@ashevillebulldogrealty.com .The best team in town is ready to help you make your Blue Ridge Mountain dreams come true.
By Sherrye Rahmanzadeh,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 18:21
Oklahoma City and especially Edmond and Norman are great relocating cities as well! We did not overprice our homes to begin with so we did not get hit hard when the economy suffered. Matter of fact real estate in this area is going strong.
By Frank Glaab PA,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 18:25
Why is cape coral fl not on the list? It's expected to be top in the nation according to Forbes magazine
By Andy Inhelder,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 18:34
The Denver market is one of the hottest I have seen in the last 10 years. Reminds me of the late 90's early 2000's. Anything under $350 is flying off the shelf for owner occupied. The same thing is going for investors too as rents are red hot right now.
By Mary,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 18:40
Looking to retire toward Florida but some say taxes and insurance are outrageous. Any credence to that? Tired of the mountains of Tn. Just visited Cocoa Beach area and enjoyed my time there. Any realtors with information to share and reasonable listings? If so contact me at sonni07@yahoo.com. Thanks.
By Alain & Francesca San Giorgio,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 18:45
Sure do wish Central VA was on that list. Oh well, we will continue to do fine.
By Terry Moore (404) 797-2049,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 19:11
Georgia is the place to be!! Cherokee County has a new Outlet Mall being built,we extended the runway and have a new terminal at Cherokee County airport to accomondate corporate jets, new hospital and new jobs! With a critical shortage of homes we're having multiple offers on most properties and the prices are creeping up....
Buy now and make Georgia your home!
I can assist you in the search for the perfect propery or to sell and find your dream home.
By Ardell Dellaloggia,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 19:13
Happy New Year, Tara!! Of course "we" made "the list". Closing on one next week that had 10 offers and sold at 25% over list price. My buyer client...and we weren't even the highest offer. The house was in basically original condition from the 50s. :)
By Christian Loffreno, PA. CRS,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 19:15
The Fort Myers Beach FL market is hot. The most affordable beach town in SW Florida. Check out our beach listings from $129,000 here at http://www.FortMyersBeachRealEstate.com
By K Martinichio,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 19:30
I have followed Trulia for years. I am upset with the fine print stating that they or others can gain my personal through cookies and other means. I use the site but do not want to be invaded. Kathy
By David Lopez,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 20:12
I know Ventura County. Need to Relo? Invest? Let me know.
By Crystal Mitchell,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 20:22
If you are relocating to Lexington Ky metro area. I can assist you in finding the perfect home. My website is always available http://www.crystalmitchell.remax-Kentucky.com my numbers are on the site. Our market is booming!!!!
By Mayorhawk,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 20:27
NOT a good list of 10. North Dakota's Williston, Bismarck, Dickinson, and smaller cities are HOT. The Bakkon oil field has spurred growth you wouldn't beleive. Property sales prices are shooting up, building permits going through the roof. Happy New Year, Mayor Hawk.
By Susan Park,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 20:58
South Florida is hopping, we have very low inventory, which makes a great seller's market. We have lots of investors buying than renting property not selling. Market is good here. I work in the Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach area if I can be of services please contact me. Happy New Year! Susan Park 954-235-8445
By Seth Teel,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 21:17
Glad experts are recognizing the stability and continued growth of Texas cities. Pair vast housing stock, moderate prices, and low vacancy rates, with the oil/gas boom, dozens of universities, and several military bases and you have San Antonio; definitely one of the greatest markets in the country for investment.
If you are last looking for investment properties at huge discounts here in San Antonio, look me up: http://investsatx.com
By Nicole Ji,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 21:37
Thanks for the Seattle Mention. You are correct, it's a great market! Seattle and East King County(East of Seattle) are doing very well for Sellers. Some areas are seeing less than 1 month of inventory and only one area has 3 months of inventory. We are seeing multiple offers on some properties but I am happy to report that the majority of properties are priced to sell. Builders are eating up land and new construction is booming. Things are healthy once again! http://www.nicoleji.com
By Sal,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 22:06
Why would anyone want to live in California - a soon to be bankrupt state? The clock is ticking for the financial meltdown of California to affect the rest of the country...glad you're optimistic though, keep looking at life in a positive way so when the crap hits the fan, you will hopefully be grounded!
By Landon Rothstein,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 22:06
I'm from Houston and I'm glad we're not just the fattest city anymore!! Houston really is an awesome city to be in for RE investing!! There are a ton of reasons Houston is a great city to invest in. I love it here.
Landon Rothstein
By Barb,  Thu Jan 3 2013, 23:31
Need to move out of Illinois--Obama's hometown.
By Phil MsResilient Smith,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 04:06
The Fort Hood surrounding areas are getting their fair share of the market too.
By Gayla Leathers,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 04:25
I am happy to see Omaha, Nebraska made the list! New construction is booming! Homes are priced to sell and inventories are low. We are also seeing multiple offers on some properties! http://www.omahahomessearch.com
By Barb Mihalik,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 04:33
The Brevard County, FL Melbourne-Palm Bay is alive and well! We have new construction starts again and our home values are still outstanding.
By Ocie J. Murphy,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 04:51
Keep GEORGIA on your Mind... with soooo many buyers,new investors and what seem like not enough properties to go around is what's making metro Atlanta,Ga an area to reconsider! if you would like to know more about the metro Atlanta real estate market, contact me OCIE J. MURPHY @ (770) 875-8710 or visit my website @ http://www.ociejmurphy.com "Yall come on down"
By Fred Solman,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 05:23
Think you need to visit Cranberry Township Pa before you make ratings like this.
Fred Solman
Northwood Realty
By Syeda Laraib,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 05:37
Cranberry Township Pa is nice
By Sharon Goodin,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 07:37
Hi I'm in Hampton Roads, Virginia. We didn't make the list but we're neighbors to Md. And homes are selling and prices n the upswing also. We're see a few multiple offer situations. Timing and realty negotiation counts. Contact me if you are looking to come in this directin or have a client referral.
By Suzieszoo,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 08:17
I strongly disagree w/ Louisville, Kentucky being on this list. Our home has been on the market since last April 2012 and we are losing a significant amount of money . Starting price was $50,000 below what we paid and nothing here is selling above the mid 400s. So many homes have been built that here's a glut on the market. Good for a buyer but huge losses for a seller. Homes are NOT selling here. Cannot wait to get out of this place.
By Karengreece1997,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 08:26
Grand Rapids, MI isn't doing so bad. We've been looking for a house for over a year and a half and everything we've wanted to see was sold. It appeared to be the houses were flying off the shelf even when the economy is still a bit "down". We did find a house before Christmas and we are so happy that it's everything we wanted in a house and neighborhood. I was getting tired of the competition and the looking but if you persisit and don't grab the next best thing you'll find the best thing! I did figure out a lot of the less expensive homes were being bought up to be flipped then put back on the market for higher prices. But I was still surprised by the houses selling when the economy still seemed slow.
By Jlawtexas,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 08:41
Since I moved to Houston in the early 70's, 6 million others have moved here and the quality of life continues to improve and to surprise . It has become a very multi ethnic cosmopolitan city often ignored by the national press over time. It does not surprise me that we are on top again, since the energy and optimism and "can do" atmosphere is ingrained here as we all create a city that is unlike any other. To look at it is to nearly be deceived that it is in America, new projects and towers are always rising into the sky not unlike China. This city glistens in spirit and enthusiasm too and was just voted the "hippest" city in America also. Who knew? We did.......and we don't care , it just is who we have become down here busy manifesting the American Dream hardly missing a step as Time changes everything everywhere, we adapt and keep growing. It is the largest "small town" I know of and there is very little infighting from so many varied peoples who all just want to work, grow, blossom, learn, improve and meet one another as we do. Nearly everyone is fascinated by the influx of foreign cultures and peoples that thrive here side by side, yet we retain our historic southern, Gulf Coast and western roots. It amazes me still.
By Rich Triplett - TheRealtor4You,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 08:51
Northern Virginia, including Fairfax, Loudoun, and Arlington Counties (Metro Washington DC) continue to fare well. Available inventory remains low, prices have stabilized (with moderate y-o-y increases), "days on market" is low, multiple offer situations are common-place again, new construction is booming. Rich Triplett - TheRealtor4You http://www.RichTriplett.com
By Roberto Ortiz,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 08:55
You all need to look at Northern Colorado as well. Been here for the last 30ish years and Come see for yourself why the Northern area of Colorado is repeatedly ranked among the highest regions in the country for quality of life. With peaceful neighborhoods and a variety of beautiful properties to explore, the Northern area is an ideal place to work, play, or retire. In fact, the area has been named the nation's top area for business by Fortune Magazine, the number one place to live by Money Magazine - and also the number one spot in the country to retire by Consumer's Guide
By Kari Olson,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 09:58
Nobody has mentioned Twin Cities, MN. In December, Prices were up about 10% from same time last year! Houses are selling faster, low inventory & fewer REO's. Most offers are in multiples & 2013 is looking promising for an improved real estate market! Check out our website at http://freetwincitieshomesearch.com/
By Kim Pennington,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 11:19
Nashville/Franklin/Brentwood, Tennessee is seeing values rise and we are also having multiple offer situations. Foreclosure down and many national and over-seas companies are looking to relocate here. The HUB of the south. Check out my website; http://www.KimPennington.net.
By Carole Manuwa,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 12:40
Hello Trulia - QUESTION: Is Honolulu even included in your research?? Or is it exempted from your research? I have noticed that some studies will entirely remove all Hawaii data from their studies. If we are not included in your research and data, could you explain why??
By Dao Alderman,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 12:59
In Florida most of my buyers are in 1 year or two years to their retirement, who're looking for their water front dream properties, or investment properties, other buyers are first time home buyers, who would not be able to afford for the home if the real estate market is not in this stage. I would be glad to assist anyone who wants to get the home that they have thought or dream about. DaoAlderman@aol.com
By Shannon T. Schmitz,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 13:19
Yes, Austin is one of the best places to live and with our great real estate values, it's a great place to move to. Jobs, economy, quality of life, and not to mention the numerous accolades Austin has received over the last year by being included in many Top 10 and Best Cities lists.


Thanks for sharing how great Austin is Tara!
By puppy133771,  Fri Jan 4 2013, 15:50
any ideas where it is cheap and houses have at least 1/2 to 1 acre land with house. In florida and crime low and race is good . anyone every heard how Hudson fl is??????????? anyone want to live in north carolina??
By George Carlberg,  Sat Jan 5 2013, 07:00
Interesting list, It would have been nice to see the stats they based it on. I am in a rural area and it would be nice to see some attention given that that market segment albit as small as it is.
By nfltetas,  Sat Jan 5 2013, 10:33
I agree w/George - I'd like to see the data, and especially how old it is - jobs report just listed Detroit as one of the fastest growing markets due to the loss of vehicles in 'Superstorm' Sandy, along with construction in SoCal (new and rehab.) When much of your 'inventory' is destroyed due to a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy, I'd imagine that would have a pretty profound impact on 'days on market' and 'vacancy rates'. Word to Sal - CA's recent economic gains are being touted as a lesson to the rest of the country in how to recover from the recession, so you may want to do a little more reading or research...just sayin'. ;-)
By Kiki,  Sat Jan 5 2013, 10:56
healthy market = overpriced houses.

This can be born only in sick brains. The sad thing is that most people fall for it. They are not to blame, though. They have not seen better and do not have base for comparison.
By Michelle Sollberger,  Sat Jan 5 2013, 18:31
If you read the article, it is talking about the largest metro areas. That's why some of the cities people are asking about are not on the list.
By Darren Ahearn,  Sun Jan 6 2013, 06:06
Were in Frederick.county Md. So were #3 on the list. Yes things have picked up more than.ever. Inventory is low and less short sales. Its about time
By Christina Haidy,  Sun Jan 6 2013, 18:45
That is inaccurate, the part about Detroit. Detroit is one of the fastest growing areas for new jobs, hence, the rise in the price of housing. In fact, Michigan is now the United States' 6th fastest growing economy. It is a disappointment to read such disinformation about Detroit. Additionally, the Detroit area is far greater than one city. The metropolis is quite large and includes 4.5 million people. The city itself may be having struggles, but the area as a whole is having a major rebound.
By Jeff Huckabay,  Mon Jan 7 2013, 08:19
Hey all! Topeka Kansas has a great market going on as well. You should check out the deals and the cost are great! Needing a Realtor for the Topeka area, don't hesitate to contact me.
By Jessica Coleman,  Mon Jan 7 2013, 16:00
I wonder why Florida did not make the top ten? Florida real estate has some great deals now!!! Last year i seen a big buying push in SW Florida. Home in FL are selling like hot cakes.. Check out my blog at http://www.buytodayfla.com
By Tim,  Mon Jan 7 2013, 23:53
Amazing that every community mentioned here by real estate agents is thriving. Yeah, amazing.
By Larry Lichtman,  Tue Jan 8 2013, 09:54
I find it peculiar why none of these national media publications ever mention Philadelphia, PA. This City is still seeing regentrification throughout several neighborhoods. We have a thriving City growing from Center City North, South & West, property values are once again appreciating.
This is an extremely bike & pedestrian friendly City with some of the best Cultural Attractions in the U.S.A. Philadelphia is on the move, POSITIVELY! It would be nice to see some coverage on this buzzing market =)
By Nate Brussee,  Tue Jan 8 2013, 12:16
West Michigan is showing a very strong market recovery, we actually just returned to the volume levels we were at in 2007. In addition our average home price rose last year by 5%, and our listings are down to half of what they were in 2011.
By Mark Acantilado,  Wed Jan 9 2013, 03:08
I really believe that the fundamentals pointed out in determining healthy local markets contribute a lot to the current value or status they are at right now. As noted in the post, one factor or fundamental which is having high price gains does not necessarily mean a healthy market – rather, use this analysis to point out how these certain fundamentals can affect the totality the local market and how well that certain local market could progress. I could say job growth is a huge factor. When people have enough income they can save enough money or be able to apply for a mortgage that fits them until they buy a home.

Mark | http://www.agentcampus.com/
By Darrick Solomon,  Wed Jan 9 2013, 23:49
Dallas is certainly experiencing a healthy market. I offer hard money for investors 214.929.1522 http://www.cashflowmillionaires.com
By Will Roan,  Thu Jan 10 2013, 11:14
In reference to Las Vegas, I am licensed there as well as New York, there was little or no inventory on the market, the vacancy rate MMM please check the stats from the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors. Investors are gobbling up everything with all cash offers, leaving the 1st time buyers on the sidelines who offer with financing. New housing tracks are booming again which is where the 1st time buyer are leaning too. Short Sales dominate the market as the Reo (Bank Owned remain in the shadows). Now For Long Island, very interesting the burbs of Melville, Dix Hills, Southing Huntington, Huntington Station, Huntington and the surrounding areas. The inventory is there for the low percentage of buyers that can afford the areas but the quality of the inventory is a not appealing base on the list price, homes are remaining on the market and homeowner still dont get it! The buying public will now once again as why has this home been on the market so long?
Nothing changes sellers here are stubborn, the want what they want until its too late and then the eventually take less 6 months later after new inventory has been introduced to the market.
You want real stats on what is happening on Long Island please feel free to visit my website
Congrats too all the agents in all the areas that are moving inventory.
May 2013 be Fantastic
By Donna,  Thu Jan 10 2013, 11:16
REMEMBER: Chase Bank is still lending in all these areas with VERY competitive rates!!

By Darnell,  Fri Jan 11 2013, 19:22
sad to see Detroit mi didn't make the list it's rebuilding slowly...
By Delaine Campbell,  Mon Jan 14 2013, 12:30
Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. We'll be on there soon!
By charlotte.phillips65,  Mon Jan 14 2013, 12:40
Does anyone know how the market is fairing in Albuquerque, New Mexico?
By Josh Taylor,  Tue Jan 15 2013, 09:15
South Tampa, FL has rebounded and housing prices have rose 20% over 2012. The downtown metro area is where things start typically, so the surround areas will soon follow in 2013-14!

Check out http://www.sellingtb.com/weblog for more helpful real estate information! Follow us on Twitter @Sellingtb & Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Selling-Tampa-Bay-LLC/106405562786969?ref=hl
By yomarisl,  Wed Jan 16 2013, 06:18
Boca Raton, FL is one of the best market in South Florida.
By Pioneertraining,  Fri Apr 12 2013, 03:07
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By Tech.sgnewproperty,  Thu Jun 13 2013, 03:23
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