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By Tara-Nicholle Nelson | Broker in San Francisco, CA

5 Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2012

Ah, the end of the year. Time to look back, contemplate on the high points and lessons learned over the year, and start to look forward to the next one.

And when it comes to looking forward in the real estate realm, it's most interesting to wonder: where will the market be bright in the coming year?

I posed precisely this question to one of the smartest real estate prognosticators I know, Trulia's Chief Economist, Jed Kolko.  His answer was concise and provocative: "Smart cities are hot."

I asked him to elaborate, and what he said was so interesting I thought I'd let you all in on the conversation that ensued. Here are 5 real estate markets that Jed says you should definitely keep your eye on in 2012.

"In 2012, the local housing markets that will enjoy rising prices, new construction or both, are those that start the year with stronger job growth and fewer empty homes holding back the market. Based on these factors, along with other leading indicators, here are my top five cities to watch:

1. and 2. Austin, TX, and Houston, TX. The bloom’s not off the yellow rose of Texas. Steady job growth and a construction revival make Austin and Houston two of my five cities to watch. Texas isn’t hung over from the housing boom like the other big states of the South and West, so there’s little to hold back growth. Honorable mention to Fort Worth and San Antonio.

3.  San Jose, CA. Wasn’t California at the center of the foreclosure crisis? Didn’t prices there fall more than everywhere else in the country? Yup. But there’s no such thing as the California housing market: California is almost as diverse as the U.S. Even though prices plummeted and foreclosures skyrocketed in inland California, the coast is another world. San Jose’s perennially tight housing market makes it faster to bounce back. The San Jose market –which includes most of Silicon Valley – has rapid job growth and the lowest vacancy rate in the country.

4.  Suburbs of Boston, MA. This Cambridge-Newton-Framingham market just west of Boston has a strong jobs engine and, like most of New England, missed the worst of the housing bubble. Honorable mention goes to Worcester, one step further west, and Boston’s northern suburbs around Peabody. These areas all benefit from offering more bang for the buck than crowded, expensive Boston: this is because most people looking to move are searching in more suburban or smaller areas than where they live now.

5.  Rochester, NY. That’s my hometown, and knowing what’s happened to Kodak and other pillars of the local economy, I was surprised when Rochester scored on the top 5 list. (I applied the same formula to all cities and did not have my thumb on the scale.) Prices – which fell little during the boom – are stable, and the economy has weathered blow after blow and is expanding.

What do these markets have in common? Three – Austin, San Jose, and the area west of Boston – are technology centers. In those three metros, as well as in Rochester, a center of high-skill manufacturing industries, education levels are well above the national average. As the recovery proceeds, smart cities are leading the way. During the housing boom, the go-go cities tended to be lower-skill, lower-education metros. But in 2012, smart is hot: it’ll be the revenge of the nerds."

Believe it or not, Jed was just getting started! He's also compiled a list of 2012 Real Estate Market predictions that goes way beyond which markets are hot, which you can read in full, here.

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By Julia St. Marie,  Wed Dec 21 2011, 15:47
Yes looking forward to a brighter new year in 2012. Home is home no matter where it may be!
Thanks for all of your wonderful posts....Julia at Realty ONE--Las Vegas :)
By Maria T.,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 09:31
Tara, what a brilliant post!
By Ken Melkisetian,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 10:01
Why do real estate agents pat each other on the back?
By Katemturner,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 10:05
. . . over here in durham, nc LOVING your posts . . . so helpful for me as a first time home buyer . . . thanks for such insightful, fact-filled info!
By The Shapiro Team,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 10:05
By The Candito Group,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 10:06
Naples Florida is also a HOT market - the luxury end - over a million $$ has had it's best year in 3 years & the low end -$300,000 - is comprising about 60% of sales & was much stronger this year than last but we have been moving that end of the market at higher paces each year for the last 2.5 years. Our foreclosure rate has dropped to its lowest level in over 4 years & short sales are getting to be a hard to grab purchase as they are being bought up almost as soon as they hit the market in the lower end price range.
Pat Candito
John R Wood Realtors, Naples FL.
By Christina Miller,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 10:21
They forgot everywhere in Florida!
By Robert Holz,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 10:33
What about Brickell in Miami?.....not doing bad at all.
By Melissa,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 10:39
9 out of 10 cities in Florida have completely collapsed. It'll take some time to recover.
By John Richard Wilson,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 10:39
Add Charleston, SC to that list. A Huge new Boeing facility, ancillary industry, plus influx of non-business related discretionary relocation to Charleston has caused a decline in homes inventory, stablized prices, and increased demand.
By Pamela McMahon,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 10:51
Tara, love your post, thanks for sharing. Austin and Houston, Texas #1 & #2! What about Dallas-Fort Worth?
By landman10,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 10:53
By Mike Concordia,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 11:00
You real estate sales people are really something. " This is doing better", " My area is doing better". BLH, BLAH. BLAH. BS!
I never heard a fish huckster yelling "BAD FISH" .
Truth is the fake values of a few years ago are gone. Face it. You may have to take a pay cut.
I'll buy only when I can get a low ball deal.

Mikle C.
By Roman Lopez Real Estate Team,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 11:05
Great post Tara! I am glad that I work in the Austin market. I am certainly looking forward to a great 2012!
By Butch Patton,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 11:11
Austin is the best city in US/ values have and will go up- if you live somewhere else you are missing out
By Rwjman01,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 11:20
Please don't move to Austin. The infrastructure is twenty years behind growth and construction. And..oh, yeah....we're running out of water. So many people move to Austin only to leave in three to five years due to job relocation, the heat (in 2011 we had one hundred days of one hundred degree plus temperatures plus a near record setting drought that continues as of this writing), traffic congestion and the wildfire danger. Bastrop is 35 miles east of Austin and is a good example of what could happen to large areas of Austin and Travis Countu. Selling your home in San Jose for 700k and relocating to Austin-Round Rock to buy a nice 400K home may sound nice but culture shock and the hard Texas weather have made many folks second guess their decision to move to a "cool" town.
By Judi Monday, CRS,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 11:23
I read his article and California is definitely featured prominently for more than just San Jose.
By Donte,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 11:24
Rochester really a good place to invest? Anyone knows the job market there? The homes are really cheap conpared to where I'm from (Westchester, Ny)! Crime, schools, developments??
By Joe,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 11:37
Real estate is a bad investment in towns that are not creating jobs. Most new jobs are downsized jobs. Until America recovers the lost jobs, the real estate market will not recover. The other factor is that although interest rates are at all-time lows, when they begin to rise, the buying power for real estate will fall dramatically. Imagine how much most homes will drop in value when interest rates rise to 8%.
By Janet M. Nation,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 11:38
Just like the stock market, no one knows for sure which markets will do well. Factors such as interest rates, unemployment rate, international affairs and even natural disasters with a blink of the eye can change the dynamics of any housing market next year. However, for all you real estate professionals hangng in there all the best for 2012!
By Lane Giffin,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 11:46
Rwjman01 , what a typical Austin liberal scare tactic to try and keep people away from the most awesome part of Texas. The TX Hill Country! If water and wildfires are the problem then lets get rid of all the non native cedar trees! Wow that would solve both issues, I guess simple is too difficult if it doesnt support your agenda... which is anti growth. Which is why we have traffic issues. We had a no growth agenda when we turned down fed funding to assist with interstate loops like all other major cities in Texas. Come join TX with our job growth and be happy. San Antonio and Houstin are booming! Welcome all
By Becki Szymczak,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 11:54
Mike C. there are so many people hurting right now, even Realtors. Thay have gone through some really bad times and work so hard to help people get through all these nasty events. Think of how they feel when their customers come to them asking for a miracle to save their home from foreclosure, short sale, taking the property that they have loved, fixed up, just have the bank toss them to the wind with no thought for what they are doing but greed for themselves. I have been a very hard working Realtor for 20 years and helped many people and it breaks my heart to see so many of my friends and past customers lose the home they have come to love so much.
Now is the time to come together and help one another and Realtors have a common purpose, a higher code of ethics and they should stick together because we have given ourselves for the betterment and happiness of others.It isn't always about the money, Usually it isn't, but guess what, we have families too, we have to support our families, pay huge R.E fees and dues, pay for alot af advertising, etc. My hope is that 2012 really does bring about some good news for all Realtors and everyone that wants to sell a home and can have a great outcome and not give one darn cent to greedy bankers that think of only year end bonusus and how many foreclosures they have taken back. Merry Christmas!
By Kim Callaway,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 11:58
Mike Concordia, you should be buying in every city... there is always a good deal :-) personally, I'd buy in Austin... plenty of "steals" and plenty of great deals, too! Nice work, Tara!
By Dimensions Property Management,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 11:59
I have been investing in Rochester NY for the past 6 years. Its about time we got some recognition!! :-)
By Jeff Harris,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 12:20
Glad to see we are top ranked here in Austin. The market is active and inventory is shrinking!
By Mary Suliman,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 12:36
By Mary Suliman, Realtor,Broker
You forgot the West Side, California. Market is hot in Venice, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica.

You can invest in eny area now days even in the med. class area, you will always find buyers and tenants.
May 2012 bring good news, peace for all world, happiness for all and good health :-)
By Katherine Torres,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 12:36
Thank you for the information it is always nice to hear from you.
By Mary Koenig,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 12:36
Recently I cancelled a listing that I had on a home I own with my brothers, my parents home. My brothers wanted me to work for nothing and I have been an agent for 28 years in good standing. Hard work, referrals and tenacity are what kept me in this business. I think it is fine to help people and have always done my best and spent many hours trying to add one more piece to the puzzle so my buyers and sellers could rejoice at the closing...but, families should understand that our work is worth something. Now, they hired an agent will be 6% and my one brother took an agent with 2 years experience. I really think that Realtors need to be respected.....we work very hard for a living.
By Mary Suliman,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 12:37
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all:-)
By R,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 12:38
Mike is right on. Much like the hype on stock market- the hedge funds destroy the normal market dynamics. Realtors contribute to over valued markets- taking away the ability of the buyer to assess on their own. We must assess that homes are for just that- a place to live- not a a hedge fund commodity.
By R,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 12:39
Good post tho- gets us all thinking.
By onefaust,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 12:39
Becki Szymczak, right on! I'm looking for a place for me and I went to see a property I was interested in. The owner was there and it crushed my heart; it was a short sale and now it has gone to auction. I have to find something affordable so I'm following distressed properties; everything points to worse times regardless of the " positive" comments.
By Bob Dowling,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 12:41
New Jersey is the place to be. You got a problem with that?
By onefaust,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 12:43
By Joanne Bernardini,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 12:48
Wish I had the money to buy some real estate in the Florida market! Naples is great! By the time I do the market will have recovered!
By Joanne Bernardini,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 12:49
Wish I had the money to buy some real estate in the Florida market! Naples is great! By the time I do the market will have recovered!
By Michael W Robertson,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 12:49
Good positive post. The City of San Francisco is doing very well. We have a supply issue but things are looking good for us. Happy Holidays.
By Dimensions Property Management,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 12:52
Rochester NY is cheap and the return is super good! A nice duples can be bought for around 40k with a $1500 monthly rental income!
By Deanna Miller,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 12:53
Based on CoreLogic report Texas is part of a large shadow inventory. 1.6M homes not yet on the market represent 5-month supply.

Lenders had a "shadow inventory" of 1.6 million distressed properties and repossessed homes they hadn't yet put up for sale at the end of October, down 16 percent from a year ago, loan data and analytics provider CoreLogic reported today.

Six states account for half of the shadow inventory: Florida, California, Illinois, New York, Texas and New Jersey.
By James Trapasso,,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 13:00
By James Trapasso,,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 13:01
I expect 2012 to be acomeback year.
By Sb,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 13:14
Let's give credit where credit is due. When talking about the sleezy mortgage brokers and banks that perpetuated fraudulent no-income-varification loans, let's not exclude some of the enablers: real estate brokers and their agents who lead unqualified buyers to homes they could not afford, then introduced them to mortage brokers and bankers who completed the circle that lead to the financial crisis and horrendous loss of equity for both those who purchased before the boom and those foolish enough to agree to overpay, fattening everyone's greedy wallets except those 1 or 2 homeowners in every five homes in the country now "underwater". Instead of evicting owners after foreclosure, why don't banks offer to rent the properties back to the former owners who, after all, have to live somewhere. Odds are better those owners-turned-tenants will take better care of the properties and those properties won't become abandoned and ripe for thieves and vandals.
By Casualobserver,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 13:18
If interest rates go up to 8% it will probably be because of inflation. Prices usually go UP when subjected to an inflationary environment ,not down, Joe! Yes buying power will be diminished, so that is why now is the time to buy !!
By montyrl,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 13:21
How about the Gulf Coast- particularly the Mobile Bay area which is growing both in jobs and popularity?
By montyrl,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 13:22
How about the Gulf Coast , particularly the Mobile Bay area which is growing both in jobs and popularity.
By Harvey Tepfer,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 13:30
The excesses of the past are still being worked off. Real estate prices in places like California and Florida where reality departed during the boom, should continue to go down. When I see a house my parents bought on the San Francisco peninsula for $12K currently valued at $900K, I know this 1928 2 bedroom 1 bath home doesn't represent anything close to sane pricing.
By Allison Stewart,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 13:31
We were up 9.6% over this time last year. To the nah sayers, it is not as bad as you need to think it is. Those who already bought are actually seeing equity return to Kissimmee St Cloud Florida already. Made a solid 20% return on investment because w ebought at the right time.
By Denise Dimares,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 13:35
How about Washington, DC..I thought the metropolitan area would have made the list.
By toreggie,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 13:54
I always look at the price per square foot that applies to the house that is for sale. This can apply in many areas.
This is the important variable that is stopping the building of new homes.
A knowledgeable buyer in this market, that is looking to get the most for their money, can buy a good used home for much less that it costs to build one. This cannot go on forever.
When people are holding back waiting for prices to drop I think there is a limit. A well built/maintained house, on a good piece of land in a populated area, can be a better investment than a 401 k, etc. if you plan on living there for awhile.
By Jeff,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 14:02
People - Don't forget that many economists are forcasting deeper financial stress to insue in 2012 going in to 2013. The 1 trillion economic stimulus DID NOT fix anything. It was a temporary measure that created the illusion recovery, but most of that "floating money" is drying up, and soon we will be back to the crisis we were in when this whole thing started. 14 trillion dollars in debt will not go away by itself and none of the current politicians including the current white house has any plans to tackle it as it should be. Many world economists are predicting that when the 2nd downturn begins towards the end of 2012 going into 2013 that the U.S. dollar will collapse, world investors will pull out of the United States, and we will see another great deflation in the real estate market in which homes could fall by another 50%. Remember that a collapse of the U.S. dollar would mean the end of it being the World Reserve Currency, which would also mean gasoline prices in the U.S. would sky rocket. Try paying $15 per gallon of gasoline and see how long even the cities listed in this article remain all rosey and perky. With so many people just not understanding the dire economic situation the U.S. is currently in and facing an even worse situation to come, I find it rather astounding that so many Americans don't even bother to do any REAL research as to the state of things to come and how to truely prepare for it. Good luck to those of you that make large purchases in the next year to come, I hope many of the top world economists are wrong about what is comming, but if they are right (and they were correct about the 2008 downturn) then many of you stand to loose everything, just as people did when the first real estate collapse happend.
By Renny Mitchell,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 14:10
Love your post Tara. I have to laugh at those who doubt the real estate recovery we are having in some cities. . This is a predictable cycle. Some people would rather believe we are doomed.... Thanks for sharing the facts. Savvy investors know what is going on.
By Sdf4angels,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 14:18
How about the Oregon Coast? We don't have snow to shovel and there are some beautiful homes to be had, particularly in Florence.
By Gail,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 14:18
My home town is Rochester NY. Between my husband and me, we have 51 years of service with Kodak and downsized in 1997. I understand Kodak is facing bankrupcy. I loved working there and have many great memories. Manufacturing used to be huge but now the University of Rochester is the largest employer. We moved to Florida and many from Rochester as well as Upstate NY have relocated. We couldn't afford to live in NYS now.
By Grammamaui,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 14:52
TO R: I SO agree with you. Where we live(calif) and own vacation property(Hawaii) we have seen so much greed on the part of people in general.NO-we are not upside down in any of our homes, and NO- we do not have a fancy home nor expensie nor are eitehr furnished completely, or lavishly. And NO- are not yet retired. But my husband HAD to contunue working DUE to the cutbacks with his employer and the NOW much-lower value of our homes. WHAT WE DIDNT Do, and I am sooo glad I talked my hubs into it, is NOT "re-invest" in the stock market. we lost over 65% of his deferred savings in it. IM DONE WITH THAT gambling, because THAT IS WHAT it IS.and the "winners" are the very few. Anyone who think they are
gonna hit it big" with their stocks and different"winning" accounts, good luck. It;s not gonna happen~Not in MY lifetimeanyway. The stock market, hedge funds, and over-priced EVERYTHING---is why our country is where it's at, in addition of course to the leasder(S )we haveelected over the past 25 or so years. Realtors have a great "gift of gab"--nice or not, friends or not, it's their job. If it were my job, I just don't know how I could wake up every day and not feel guilty.JUST MYopinion.
By Pamela Edwards,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 15:01
Last week I heard that 20% of all jobs that were created this year in the US were created in Texas. Just one more reason Texas is such a great state!
By Vsestes8792,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 15:10
Don't forget about Tennessee!!!
By Ray Akers,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 15:13
Gee, I'm surprised the greater Seattle-Tacoma market is not among Trulia's 'top 5' cities for 2012? Case-Shiller forecasts double-digit appreciation and new housing starts are coming on strong. Seems like there are lots of jobs in Seattle and home prices have been rising since mid-2011. Forbes magazine predicted Seattle would be the first city to recover from the recession. Maybe Trulia should revisit some of the data?
By Jeff,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 15:18
I think someone is way "off the mark" about the San Jose, Ca. market, that market absolutely did NOT get hit as bad as many other markets did, in some neighborhoods there was very little change at all. As for the recovery rate... yes it has been making a rapid recovery.
By Helen Oliveri,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 15:38
Good market info, Tara.
By Stephanie Leon PA 786-574-3928,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 15:42
I am looking forward to a booming year in 2012... Great market info...
By Mary Holloway,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 15:59
What about Greenwood, SC? I plan to move there in 2012.
By Mike Ford,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 16:46
the remarkable fact is that there are very few markets that are showing real strength. anyone thinking we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel, and firming of the market broadly, is delusional.

the consumer spending spree of x-mas will be followed by continued weak spending, the banks are still sitting on years of inventory in various stages of default, buyers are still being tormented as they apply for loans and the jobs outlook is not strong anywhere.

that said the opportunity for well priced homes is real and the folks who are looking at rentals as investments are seeing some very juicy returns NOW. in fact the investor clients are the only hope i see for the continued demand that some markets are seeing. except in isolated markets like those cited by ms. nelson look for a very marked drop in home values at and above $500,000 going ahead. those are tough mortgages to qualify for
By Cindi Morgan, Realtor-Broker,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 16:50
Come to the Big Island and enjoy the Kona and Kohala Coasts. We have some amazing prices right now and people have been buying them up. The market is good here!
Cindi Morgan, RB
Kohala Estate Realty, LLC
By Ga Home Inspector,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 18:07
I have some positive remarks in regard to the current state of the real estate market. We have acquired several REO properties in the north metro Atlanta area during the last year for less than what they sold for 20 years ago! Right now is the buying opportunity of a lifetime in real estate. Also, real estate is a tangible asset that you continue to own and retains some level of value even in a down market. By contrast, consider an "investment" in the stock market, When Kmart decided to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, I was left with a few thousand shares of worthless common stock that had no value at all because it was a useless/paper intangible asset. "Live long and prosper" - invest in REAL ESTATE!!
By Gaaction,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 18:08
Yeah everything is great who writes this column market conditions according to realty trac in mass foreclosures and pre foreclosures up 67% prices down 7% yeah a couple of years more of this and see what happens. people walk and weaken prices even more,and then more short sales and foreclosures we are on a slow train downward
hold on and be careful this is far from over. lets not compare poor stock market investments with less appealing RE.
depreciation is depreciation
By Michele Allison-Elwell CBR,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 19:28
Glad to hear that the Boston Suburbs North are becoming hot. There are a lot of shortsales out here. Million dollar waterfront still continues to sell. You get a lot for the money in Beverly and Gloucester. Towns like Rockport are a little more expensive. You must be willing to travel about 20-25 miles to work.
By Ga Home Inspector,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 20:15
Stocks (common shares of intangible/paper assets ) go away and leave no residua/cash value when a company fails. The "owner/investor"of these securities is left with nothing. By comparison, when you invest in real estate, you at least own/retain a tangible asset, regardless of the market
By R,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 20:57
all of these posts confirm exactly what is fact. Supply and demand in key areas...and the "ghost inventory" is reality. Inner city small homes/row house sales like Washington DC are growing because people are SICK of traffic and commuting. Life is too short to spend it in traffic and at a gas pump. Banks and fed (institution as a whole, not the people who set money supply numbers) possess more than we all know and more being added to those numbers daily. One big issue...many many homes were built during the boom that NO ONE truly needed of that size. 5000 sq ft homes now as compared to when the avg size was 1800 sq ft or less in the 60's have no replacement buyers- based on the current customer base, other that at short sale or loss prices. That's how the bargains were created, but again, who needs the 5000 foot house that is an echo chamber? All the boomers homes are kid voids...now they want that 60's sized house again. The issue is what to do with them? I agree with previous assessment...post Christmas is scary. However. Merry Christmas in 2011!!
By Joe Corwin,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 21:04
San Antonio real estate is very active. This is the busiest month of December I have seen in four years. Still plenty of good buys but seeing more multiple offer situations.
Joe Corwin, SellSmart Lone Star Real Estate, San Antonio
Home of the Buyer Rebate
By Tom Durkan 111,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 22:10
south east tennessee has held up well.Especially downtown chattanooga condo markets, merry christmas tara !
By French Alicea,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 22:59
I bought a single fam home in Rochester NY for 45k cash! And have been enjoying +1000 a month in rental income. Not a shabby deal considering the lowsy economy etc. Planning on picking up another within the next few months and know where Im getting the 2nd income property!!!
By jbrogers30,  Thu Dec 22 2011, 23:55
Forget the stock market...better to go to Las Vegas, at least you'll have fun....Florida Real Estate, sounds good but remember, home owners insurance rates just doubled, utility rates on the upswing, condo complexes going into foreclosure due to condo owners defaulting, haven for illegals, crime rate climbing, murder rates escalating, school systems under stress, food prices very high......things to consider. Former stock broker and Florida resident.
By Paulisonprop,  Fri Dec 23 2011, 01:58
Have contracts pending on three mulit family homes. All short sales,homeowners play games to stay in propertiies witout paying mortgage.Some realitors play games with the listings, the banks are not dealing with the situation,the market reality is a real joke. Need to find a pro that can get results!
By Dimensions Property Management,  Fri Dec 23 2011, 05:46
French - I am in Rochester for quite some time now. I own and manage many units. If you need any help let me know~!
By Alex Alvarez,  Fri Dec 23 2011, 07:34
May 2012 be a healthy and prosperous year for all!! Love Becky's comments about R.E. people,as it should apply to all professions in any part of the real estate industry.We need to stop any more slidding downward/tighten our boot straps & do what all of us Americans are capable of..Work hard & be creative..not scamming everyone doing it... Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all...
By Donte,  Fri Dec 23 2011, 07:59
Dimension property management- hey do you know the best area to but some descent multifamily properties for sale in a good neighborhood, could you let me know? If the numbers work, we can!!
By Linda Welsh,  Fri Dec 23 2011, 09:23
Having lived in Boston and Rochester for most of my life and ending up here in Austin...I'm feeling "ahead of the curve". All nice places to live - just depends what's important to you! For business sake, Austin has probably the best "business climate" and growth rate and there is no state income tax in Texas. Rochester and Austin are similar in size and so you can really "know" both cities well because of their size. Dallas and Houston are much larger and its more important to consider exactly where you will be working/commuting before choosing a home.
By Jeanne Nemeth,  Fri Dec 23 2011, 09:27
Mobile, Al and surrounding areas including Daphne, Spanish Fort, and Fairhope are doing very good and have been noted in many articles as being poised for one of the top growth areas for 2012. Thousands of jobs are coming to our area with Austal Shipbuilders, ThyssenKrupp steel, and many other companies coming to our area. New home construction starts are up. The new home market is actually going great! South Alabama has good job growth, low housing prices, low taxes, and is absolutely beautiful. Weather is wonderful, no snow in the winter, sandy white gulf beaches a short drive away, and plenty of opportunities abound. I hope everyone sees improvement in their area in 2012. Since the history of time, we have had good times and not so good times. Hoping we will see the good times again.
By Timothy M. Garrity,  Fri Dec 23 2011, 09:29
Great information, Tara.

Timothy Garrity - Realtor & Consultant | http://phillyurbanliving.com/
By Dimensions Property Management,  Fri Dec 23 2011, 10:55
Donte - City of Rochester is a good area to invest. Yes it may be a little rough for some investors but cash flow is amazing. The suburbs are obviously a whole lot better but the properties are more expensive thus the expenses are higher. Please email me at dimensionsllc@aol.com with any other concerns.
By Donna Cornell,  Fri Dec 23 2011, 20:15
Your right Tara, Rochester, NY is a great area to invest. Our team is busier than ever, lots of cash flow properties, you just need to work with the right realtor to help guide you in the home buying process. Donna Cornell -Re/Max Plus
By Arlene Eskin,  Sat Dec 24 2011, 11:34
I am an agent in Bellingham, Washington. I work with buyers coming from other states, particularly California, who are expecting "steals". I explain to them that although our prices are way down from the inflated prices of 2006- 2007, our market simply does not have the "unbelievable deals" that exist in other states. It's still a great time to buy, because of the low prices and interest rates, but as this article shows there are many markets that have remained steady.
Our foreclosure rate is about a fourth of the national rate. Buyers have to understand that as the article said "six states account for half of the shadow inventory: Florida, California, Illinois, New York, Texas and New Jersey." The media has given buyers false expectations by extrapolating the conditions in those states to the entire country. That said; it is still a great time to buy in the markets that will undoubtably become unaffordable again once the economy recovers. Feel free to email me at; arlenee@comcast.net if you would like more information.
By Kevin,  Sun Dec 25 2011, 06:02
Dominican Republic
By Mary Beth Brennan,  Sun Dec 25 2011, 18:54
Love this post looking forward to a better 2012. Serving Austin and Houston markets your referrals are greatly appreciated. @callmarybeth
By Wes Black,  Sun Dec 25 2011, 19:20
Thank you for the update. Happy New Year!
By Theaustonian11b,  Sun Dec 25 2011, 19:33
Austin downtown is really hot right now. So I agree with you on this...good luck to you!
Here is my listing :http://www.theaustonian11b.com
By VIP Realty Platinum,  Mon Dec 26 2011, 06:14
Working in the Texas real estate market I am glad to see Texas markets at the top of the list, again:)
By Devlin Realty,  Tue Dec 27 2011, 02:47
Thanks for sharing valuable information.

Dlf Plots
By John Olivieri,  Tue Dec 27 2011, 07:08
How about upstate NY The Cambridge, Greenwich, Saratoga area. I understand that a computer company in Malta will be bringing in thousands of jobs. A 20 minute ride from Malta brings you to a beautiful rural area in Washington County.
By Nana,  Tue Dec 27 2011, 15:50
I agree with the comments from Becki Szymczak, Jeff, Arlene Eskin and Sb. I am a real estate agent in California and I feel the pain, hurt and not knowing what to do to help my clients who have losted their homes because of greed from my fellow associates, Realtors, real estate agents and mortgage lenders. I lost my mortgage lending job when we could do both in CA., because I was not selling bad loans to my buyers. I have a heart for people. I am now helping people to fight back with a marketing company that is working with best Auditors in the US and the banks are going to get what they deserve. I can sleep knowing I am helping solve the problem and not apart of the problem. If you want more information my email is: bjmcnana@gmail.com
By Nana,  Tue Dec 27 2011, 15:52
To Tara keep up the good work.
By Craig Schaid,  Wed Dec 28 2011, 07:48
Thanks for the great info! As an investor, great to keep a finger on the hot spots!
By Transtar Fine Properties,  Sun Jan 1 2012, 22:52
Houston is a Hot Market. It seems that Houston and most of Texas has been spared. We have noticed an influx of people coming from states like California Florida and New York. Of course we all know why. Texas is a wonderful state. ;)

Great Post Tara!!

We are looking forward to a Great New Year in 2012 here at Transtar Fine Properties.

Tasha Bannister
Sugar Land Texas
By Arthur Sharif,  Wed Jan 4 2012, 15:35
I would definitely agree that Silicon Valley is in its own bubble. With tech giants like Facebook, Apple, and Twitter, interest here is very high and homes are in demand.
By Patti Chapman,  Wed Jan 4 2012, 19:07
The middle GA area is a hot spot for investors, especially in Macon. Home prices are lower in this area of the Southeast than most and investors can always pick up some value added properties.
By Daniel Klein,  Wed Jan 4 2012, 19:58
Houston is definately not a top 5 place to buy real estate. Based on what? Future appreciation? For appreciation look at NY, San Francisco
By Lisa and Goran Forss (Broker),  Sun Jan 8 2012, 15:42
Check out Temecula, #4 in popularity nationwide for home search in 2011. http://agbeat.com/real-estate-news-events/real-estate-search-patterns-shifting/
By Maria Van Gelder,  Wed Jan 11 2012, 02:51
I would take advantage of the markets that are stabilizing now and have had the sharpest declines, history repeats itself and those will also have the sharpest appreciation excepted from markets where a dramatic change brings economic shift overall
By John Crowe,  Thu Jan 12 2012, 08:36
Already experiencing a better attitude from sellers and buyers than same time last year. As the #1 market, the confidence exists to maintain the position and continue to improve Austin's real estate health.
By Craig Schaid,  Fri Jan 13 2012, 07:49
Always a great read Tara! thank you!
By Tony Elias,  Mon Jan 16 2012, 12:53
Yes, that's a very interesting view point on why the Austin market is on top. Thanks for sharing!
By Manisha Jain, Broker, Realtor,  Tue Jan 17 2012, 14:18
Always love to read your blogs!
By Devlin Realty,  Wed Jan 18 2012, 04:06
Thanks for sharing valuable information.

wave mega city
Ramprastha rise
crescent parc
3c gurgaon
By Suchita Shah,  Fri Jan 20 2012, 09:57
Thanks for this valuable information it is great post. Learned a lot fro this and all coments.
By Maria Jose Donoso,  Fri Jan 20 2012, 16:16
I think MIAMI should be on that list. The most recent existing-home sales stats were up by 5 percent and pending-home sales reached their highest level in 19 months in December, current home sales would never suggest that home affordability is at its highest level in 40 years
By Larry Gavrich,  Fri Jan 20 2012, 19:13
Simple math and psychology: Millions of baby boomers poised to sell their primary homes up north and move to a warmer climate which, by the way, in most cases will have a way cheaper cost of living; plus those same baby boomers have deferred moving on with their retirement lives, and they are ready to launch. Let the economy improve and the re-migration begin. Don't expect inventory in the south to snap back too quickly; developers are gun shy unless they can pick up semi-established communities for pennies on the dollar, which is happening in some places. Even though low supply and higher demand should move prices up, developers are re-pricing former $500,000 lots at under $200,000 and million dollar homes at about half that. This is also a good time for anyone contemplating a reasonably priced vacation home (very reasonably priced!) to make a pre-retirement play, use the home a few weeks a year and rent it out (to defray costs) the rest of the time (consider the historically low mortgage rates). I write about some rules of the road in buying a vacation home to rent it out at http://www.golfcommunityreviews.com/general/buying-and-renting-out-a-golf-vacation-home.html
By Vicki Webb,  Sat Jan 21 2012, 15:53
Here in Sarasota since we were voted #1 Best Beach by Dr. Beach we have been getting a lot of publicity.
Tourism is really up as well a home sales. Our inventory is low now and we off to a strong recovery
By Vicki Webb,  Sat Jan 21 2012, 15:53
Here in Sarasota since we were voted #1 Best Beach by Dr. Beach we have been getting a lot of publicity.
Tourism is really up as well a home sales. Our inventory is low now and we off to a strong recovery
By Gabrielle Dahms,  Thu Jan 26 2012, 15:55
As a San Francisco/Bay Area realtor, I confirm that all communities that appeal to techies who hold jobs in Silicon Valley are in an upswing. Silicon Valley and even smaller tech companies located in San Francisco, Emeryville and the like are seeing a huge influx of new talent from all across the country and the world. Overall, most of these folks are renting and the rental vacancy rate hovers in the mid- to high 90 percentile. Some of them are buying now and many of them will own their own homes in another year or so.
By Voices Member,  Mon Jan 30 2012, 08:35
Great Post. Florida, Miami in general is looking better every day. I have noticed an upswing in prices and in buyers. Hopefully 2012 is a brighter year! Good Luck Everyone. ..
By Gino Herring, SFR, REALTOR®,  Mon Feb 6 2012, 11:42
Things are definately changing...!!!
By Pittiemomma,  Tue May 29 2012, 12:50
Hey Mary, you are greedy! You wanted to chargeyour own family! Pretty disgusting. Yeah, realtors should be respected, but you couldn't work for your family for free? I'm a lawyer. When my in-laws needed a contract or a lawyer to assist them, I do it for free! They respect me, and I RESPECT THEM. When I need tile or something built in my house, they don't come over and send me an invoice, we are FAMILY. You are GROSS!
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By S.saini9351,  Sat Oct 26 2013, 04:05
Good grab, other than the fact real estate, and especially condo prices have reach the end of a bubble.
By S.saini9351,  Sat Oct 26 2013, 04:05
Good grab, other than the fact real estate, and especially condo prices have reach the end of a bubble.
By S.saini9351,  Sat Oct 26 2013, 04:06
This is the reason why technology is continuously developing and improving to be able to cater to the needs of the people with their daily work
By S.saini9351,  Sat Oct 26 2013, 04:06
Hi Snigdha, great blog shared above. Really very useful information shared regarding real estate listings.
By pvijeh,  Sat Oct 26 2013, 19:11
great article - thanks for sharing
By Moving To New York Guide,  Sat Oct 26 2013, 20:50
Looks good!

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