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Susie's Blog

By Susie Mceuen | Agent in Madison, AL


This blog really isn't about unattractive children, but more about the fact that if there are unattractive things about the home you are getting ready to put on the market, well there are some agents who just won't say anything about your "ugly baby". 
  Honesty sometimes costs me business when I am interviewing for a listing.  Sometimes, like my appetite, I need to curb my enthusiasm.  But, the goal I try to achieve during my interview is giving an honest assessment of the condition and pricing of the property.  Because the moment you decide to put your home on the market, is the moment your home is no longer your home, it becomes a property, a product in which you hope to sell as quickly as possible for as much money as possible.  That's where me and my brutal honesty walk through your door!
  I can't tell you how many times the decluttering, de-wallpapering, de-personalizing, and deep cleaning have transformed the ugly baby into a desireable, sellable product.  So, if the next agent you interview says, "Oh no, your house is perfect! Don't do a thing!" or "You simply aren't asking enough for your home"...beware they may just be avoiding the truth to keep from hurting your feelings.
  Pricing, is the next ugly baby I'd like to talk about.  If the agent you are interviewing doesn't have facts, pictures, data to back up what they are suggesting your home to be listed for, and they are just agreeing with the price you want, it may be you are listing your home to high and in a few instances, too low.  Current data, at least within the last year, is what Realtors, Banks, and Appraisers base the worth of your property.  Recent sales, current properties similar to yours on the market, and time on the market, those are the numbers you should base the listing price of your home.  Price should NOT be based on what you paid for it 2 years ago, what you currently owe, what you personally feel your home is worth, or what others have told you they feel like it is worth.  Lenders who represent the buyer for your home look at current data within a close proximity to your property.  If it doesn't appraise, they don't lend the money. 
    So, you may be saying to yourself, "If someone likes my home enough, they'll make an offer no matter what I list it for."  That is possible, but more than likely the buyer or their agent has been searching the internet every night for the past few months and have seen a ton of homes similar to yours, but 10 to 20K lower, so they don't bother to call and ask for an appointment because you are too far out of the range and they feel you won't come down enough...so, you never get the chance to get them through the door to make them fall in love with your home.
And, those are the dangers of not talking about the ugly babies of Real Estate.  Time is money, the season will start to wind down in the next month or so, so get busy and do what is necessary to sell that beautiful baby you have!

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