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By Steve Eveleth | Agent in Livermore, CA

A thought from a listing agent in todays market by Steve Eveleth 7/21/13

One of the hardest parts of my job is meeting all the first time buyers and new familys coming through my open houses with that look on their face from being beat up offer after offer not getting accepted fishing for any info they can from me about how they can possibly get their offer accepted and get into a home. The last open house I had a really nice couple came through and I was like hmmm what a nice little family I hope they get it.....than...another family and another and another I was like o crap man this sucks.....knowing and wanting all these nice well qualified buyers and nice hard working middle class starting family's that ALL deserve a home. And at the end of the day no matter what only 1 offer will be accepted and back out in the trenches the others will be. im good at what I do and enjoy it most of the time but other times it doesn't make me feel good as I see people at their worst hyper focused on money, stress, desperation dur...ing what is for most one of the biggest financial decisions of their life. I cant wait till the market balances out and buyers can take their time, negotiate fairly with sellers, find a home they really love and feel good about the deal instead of a firedrill process scrambling around like chickens with their heads cut off doing anything they can to get a home and still not able to do it. I would not want to be a buyer in todays market. In fact even if I was I think I would choose not to be. I just would not be willing to play the game. Guess part of being a realtor is having tuff skin and not ever getting personally involved too much after all business is business that's all it is right? http://www.steveshomesearch.com/


By John Juarez,  Sun Jul 21 2013, 17:38
Buyers are experiencing great frustration. So are their agents. It just comes with the territory in this overheated market.

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