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Stefan Timbrell's Blog

By Stefan Timbrell | Broker in New London, NH

Selling Your Home with Success in Today’s Market

The real estate market in New Hampshire is beginning to show some movement in the right direction.  A normally slow winter market proved to be extremely active.  There are a few factors that may have contributed to this.  One is the positive improvement in the New Hampshire unemployment rate to 4.9%.  This is compared to the national unemployment average of 8.5%.  In addition, the slight loosening of credit and record low interest rates has left people feeling more confident about investing in real estate again.

If the change in the market conditions and your personal situation is making you say it’s time to put the house on the market, there are a few key factors to keep in mind to have the most successful sales experience possible.

Before listing, be sure your house is in order.   Do you have rotten boards that need replacing?  Is the pantry door not working?  Is your child’s bedroom painted in dark colors with posters all over the walls?  Making all necessary repairs to your home will ensure you don’t have any red flags during the showing that might concern a buyer.  De- cluttering and painting rooms neutral colors is vital as well.  Now is the time to set emotion aside and look at your home as an investment. 

Once you are ready to list the house, hire an agent that is experienced in your market and listen to their advice regarding price.  Pricing your home properly from the first day it’s on the market has been proven to bring the highest return in the end.  Just as there is an inventory of competing properties, there is an inventory of buyers in your price range waiting for that next listing to hit the market.  Be sure you are a great value in comparison to other similar properties to ensure the best chance of an offer.

For showings or open houses, be sure your house is clean and free of people and pets.  Buyers want to see if your property will work for them.  A dog or cat (or other creatures) can be a real distraction and take away from the buyers ability to focus on the house.  In addition, a seller who likes to show their house themselves, just makes buyers feel uncomfortable.  It not only doesn’t allow them to express any concerns to their agent but it also makes buyers feel they can’t look around at their own pace.  When cleaning your home, don’t use strong perfumes and the most important places to clean are the kitchen and baths.  Wipe down your counters, clean the mirrors and polish the faucets. 

Finally, be open to offers.  It can be hard to not take offense to someone saying your home isn’t worth what your are asking.  There are other terms to offers that carry value too.  If the person doesn’t have to get financing, can close when you need them to and wants you to leave the swing set you were dreading having to deal with it’s worth a look.  Consider the whole picture when considering an offer on your home. 

While there is no magic wand to wave in order to have the perfect sale, there are many things a seller can do to be as proactive as possible to have great success in the end!

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