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By Shawn Shay | Mortgage Broker
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4 Pros of Programmable Thermostats for Beverly Hills Homes

Have you ever turned on the heater and forget about it until you were sweating profusely? Ever turned on your air conditioning to lower the temperature a few degrees then realized you now need a jacket on to finish watching your movie? Programmable thermostats are an innovative way to eliminate the need to “babysit” your heat and air. They also help to make your Beverly Hills home more energy efficient, thus saving you money on electricity and positively impact the environment. Here are four good reasons to install programmable thermostats:

  1. Comfort at a Lowered Cost

What's the point in owning a luxury home if you can't live in comfort? Programmable thermostats give you the ability to maintain a consistent temperature in your home at all times. You decide what degree is the most comfortable for you, and program the thermostat to stay at that temperature. That means no more having to remember to shut off the heater or air conditioner anymore. The thermostat controls the temperature by turning the system on and off, as needed, to stay within a couple degrees of your comfort level.

  1. Easy Installation

These types of thermostats involve simple, low-voltage wiring that consisting of anywhere between two to ten wires. In most cases, the same wires that were connected to your old system can be used to connect to your new programmable model. All you have to do is take your time and pay attention to details. Make sure that all the electricity is turned off during this process to ensure safety. If there’s more than one thermostat that needs to be installed, or if the job seems too complicated, call a professional. Certified HVAC experts are masters at installing these systems in luxury properties.

  1. Energy Efficient

Homeowners in Beverly Hills and other Westside areas are known for turning their houses into energy-efficient homes. We all want to do our part to create a better environment for future generations. With the ability to program our appliances, we use less energy which cuts down on waste. This helps us leave a smaller Eco-footprint. Homeowners who take advantage of programmable thermostats are more likely to go above and beyond and find other ways to go green. You’ll find out that they're not only more comfortable, but they're saving money at the same time by automating their air conditioners and heaters.

  1. Inexpensive Installation

The up-front costs of programmable thermostat installation are very affordable. This is even true for Beverly Hills luxury homes that have more rooms and require extensive and more complicated set-ups. The savings you'll get from using these devices can help you see a return on these costs within a year or less. Not to mention that utility companies and some government agencies offer rebates and tax incentives for installing these thermostats.

Increase Your Home's Value

Installing a programmable thermostat helps to provide convenience and comfort to your Beverly Hills house. This is very important when your house in on the market. Potential buyers looking for luxury homes lean towards homes with automated amenities. Automated systems that add comfort to your Beverly Hills homes for sale can help get your home sold fast.

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