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By Team Stevens & Manley | Agent in Centerville, MA

Fall Lawn Tips

The nights are cooler, the leaves are changing and the grass is growing slower. Now is the perfect time to get your lawn ready for the spring and summer. Many people do not realize that even in the winter your lawn continues to grow a stronger root system.

Here are some tips to help turn your lawn into a beautiful carpet of green next spring.

1) Fertilize-Your lawn needs food during winter months to help aid in root growth. Feeding your lawn  also help produce a beautiful green color green when spring  arrives.

2) Water-Your lawn needs water. It  needs water to absorb the fall fertilizer and to grow strong roots. Make sure to continue to water your lawn until winter arrives.

3) Kill those Weeds- Buy a broad leaf weed killer and apply it before the temperatures drop below 50 degrees during the day. This will prevent weeds from popping up in the spring.

4) Rake the Leaves-Grass needs sunlight and leaves will gradually kill it. Leaves also breed disease when left on the lawn to die.

6) Aerate-Aerating your soil will give the roots a chance to breath.  Aeration allows water and nutrients to reach the root system more easily.

7) Reseed-Fall temperatures are a perfect time to fill in any holes in your lawn. Rake the soil around the patch, spread the grass seed,  cover the grass seed an inch or two thick with peat moss, and then water as usual.
8) Control Grubs-Adult beetles lay their eggs throughout your grass in July and August. Grubs will grow throughout the winter and eat the roots of your grass. Fall is the ideal time to buy insecticide for grub control.

9) Mow-Keep your grass two inches high for the upcoming winter. Grass that is longer will mold under the snow. Grass that is shorter the two inches will die.

Taking care of your lawn in the fall will provide you many happy days on a green, weed free lawn in the spring and summer.

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