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By Cleve Shirley | Agent in San Diego, CA

Is San Diego Up for Solar Highways?

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Dan Walden

Green highways.  Smart highways.  Solar highways.  No matter what you call them, solar technology is an innovative way of building new highways using an intelligent, electric pavement called solar roads. At the same time they will eliminate waste intended for landfills.  If only 15% efficiency were projected by using solar panels to cover our highways they would still provide three times more electricity than our entire country uses annually. Roads collect heat. The solar road will collect heat and store it. These highways will cost less than the traditional asphalt roads and will be energy efficient. The solar road will generate power and pay for itself over its lifespan.  Currently, liquid asphalt is used to pave roads. In 2007 one ton of liquid asphalt cost $175.00. Since asphalt is petroleum based, today the price has escalated to well over $1,000.00 per ton. Aside from the financial savings, the solar road will also incorporate a multitude of new benefits.  It is designed to have white and yellow LED lights sandwiched into the road. The LED’s will allow for words to be spelled out on the road itself. Amber alerts, road conditions, construction zones, etc. can all be displayed, even on isolated highways. The solar road has also been designed to incorporate safety features.  One feature is similar to a weight machine. Too often, pedestrians wearing dark colors at night become fatalities. When stepping on a cross walk of the solar highway, the weight of the individual signals the panel which in turn flashes a warning to alert the drivers. Since the solar highway has been designed as an electric grid it will provide all necessary utilities right up to a person’s front door; power, cable TV, high speed internet access, phone service etc.  The solar highway will also help with the cleaning up our environment. Materials used to make the support structure for the solar panel will come from garbage landfills and the ocean. To learn more about solar roads and to help make them a reality contact Scott Brusaw, the genius behind them or visit Solar Highways. What is your opinion?

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