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By Ronda Allen | Agent in Amarillo, TX

2010 - Growing your business or going out of business? Mid-year check.

The general public thinks we're interchangeable.  That's why we hear things like:

"All real estate agents are alike."

"One agent cannot do more for selling a home than any other one."

"The biggest firm is the best firm."

"But, I saw agent X's ad in the local magazine, so they must be the most successful."

This is the year where smoke and mirrors won't cut it.  2010 is the year where hard work, daily marketing, and assertive actions make homes sell.  This is the year every agent shows what they're made of. 

How has your year been, so far?  Mine - it's the best year I've had in two years.  And, it's growing in the back half of the year, when many other agents are complaining that the Summer selling season is just about over.  Keep believing that.  To me, your beliefs are my captured market share. 

Yes, we rode out a recession in DFW, too.  But, that excuse is so over!  If you cannot find buyer clients to work with in DFW, then get out of the industry now.  I've met 7 new buyers just this week through online marketing, without a single cold-call.  The closest buyer client is a family I've helped before.  They are ready to downsize into a 2-bedroom home in the active-adult (over 55) Del Webb community of Frisco Lakes in Frisco, TX.  We're going to move them from Plano, TX to Frisco, TX.  A move that will be no more than 12 miles distance, but a completely new lifestyle.  The furthest buyer clients I've met this week are coming from Liberia (in 3 months) and from Japan (in 4 months).  The internet has truly made real estate a global industry, and we are lining up transactions further into the future than ever before.  I'm already working with a Summer 2011 buyer, who happens to be taking a driving tour through Prosper, Texas today.

I'm taking new listings for sale and for lease, too.  I've had 4 calls to come 'list my house' this week.  These weren't interviews, where someone is considering using me as their agent.  These are people who found me through a variety of online sources that I utilize on a daily basis, and they've taken notice of what I do.  They've read the blogs, the tweets, the online listings, the facebook listings.  They've seen the cars parked in front of my listings in town, and they've googled me and found more information than they ever needed to know about me as a local real estate agents.  Those aren't calls to come interview.  Those are calls to enlist my services.  That's a horse of a different color. 

Dallas is just about an 11-month real estate market.  There is a lull of about two weeks in August, as families get their kids back in school and settled into their routine.  The weather has a lot to do with that lull, too.  It isn't comfortable to be out looking at homes when it's 102-107 degrees outside.  I happen to love the heat, so it doesn't bother me.  But, I do typically adjust my showing schedule during August, to make clients more comfortable in the 90-95 degree weather we experience between 9am and Noon.  But, if someone wants to see a home at 5pm, when it's 107 degrees outside, I'm willing to be there.  Heat will not keep me from my appointed rounds.  The other two weeks of the year where we don't see a lot of showings are assorted bad weather days that skip through our Winter in DFW.  A snow day is a 'no' day for showings for most agents.  Why?  Their car is their office, and they aren't going to risk their office for something that is usually gone in our area in less than 48 hours. 

Keep investing in your real estate business.  Keep marketing your homes.  Stay the course and keep plugging along in a place of Faith.  The community is watching.  And, your efforts today DO pay off tomorrow.  Set a routine that works for you and stick with it.  This level of discipline is where the difference between one agent and the next is SO noticeable.

Have a blessed day and stay hydrated.  It's going to be 105 degrees today in DFW.  Your primary job as a real estate agent in DFW in August is to take care of yourself, so you are able to be there for your clients. 


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