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Oklahoma Real Estate and events in the Oklahoma City and Edmond area

By Rick Jackson | Agent in Norman, OK
  • Keeping your generator healthy

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Edmond, How To... in Edmond, Home Ownership in Edmond  |  July 10, 2012 9:50 AM  |  596 views  |  4 comments

              Keeping your generator healthy and ready for emergency power loss is something that is easy to forget or put off until it’s too late.

              Recently during a power outage, I stepped outside and heard a couple of generators running in our Edmond neighborhood.  Many systems come on line automatically via an automatic transfer switch during the loss of power from the electric company.  This is a luxury that also can keep medical equipment running as well as preserving perishable items in freezers and refrigerators when one is not at home.  However, if it has not been serviced, the backup power source may fail or even damage itself.

              All generators need to be maintained whether they are automatic or manual.  During a blizzard or the middle of the night is not a good time to have to work on your generator.  Consult your operator’s manual or a factory authorized Service Company for preventive maintenance program.

              If you have purchased a home that has a generator, research your product and gather all the information you can to insure it will perform as designed.  A quick web search will often provide service manuals, local service companies, and parts supply sources for your product.  Follow the manufactures instructions on maintenance intervals as well as load tests.  Keep a record of maintenance, and don’t be caught in the dark wishing you had a healthy generator.



    Rick Jackson



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  • Wi-Fi in a large home

    Posted Under: Tech Tips in Edmond, How To... in Edmond  |  June 8, 2012 2:36 PM  |  759 views  |  1 comment

    Wireless internet has become a common household product. But what about large homes or home with buildings that are so distant that wireless routers won’t do the job? With homes getting larger and larger, and FCC limits on wireless devises, someone had to invent a better mouse trap.

    Having experience a problem with large coverage, I had read about second routers used as repeaters. The original signal goes in, and the repeating function of the router sends the signal back out. The more I read, the more complicated the options sounded.

    Then the other day, I found a device called a Wi-Fi extender. I read a little about the product and since it seemed to be priced reasonable, I decided to give it try.

    I brought the little thing home and plugged it up and within minutes had it configured. I placed it a little over half way across are home from our main router. It worked well on our smart phones and laptops. Now I can connect to the internet in the garage or from the patio.

    I did more research and found that some people actually place several of these around their home and outdoor buildings. You can also plug a cat 5 into the wireless extender if you don’t have a Wi-Fi card on your computer making it easy to move your work station where you may need it.

    As far as security, I suggest you consult the manufacturer of the product. They are programmable with a WEP that is the same as your main router.

    Rick Jackson

    Dreams Do Come True

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  • GFI Outlets

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Oklahoma County, How To... in Oklahoma County  |  March 16, 2012 12:14 PM  |  882 views  |  2 comments

    Things found to need replaced in many home inspections are GFI outlets that don’t trip properly.   The GFI (ground fault interrupting) outlets are usually located in bathrooms, kitchen counters, and exterior outlets where water could possibly come into contact with electrical devices.  When working as designed, they will trip and prevent shock to anyone who is in contact with the electrical flow.

    After several years of attending home inspections in the Oklahoma City area market, and seeing so many GFI devices not working, I bought a tester.  Just as I had thought, we had a couple of outlets in our home that were faulty.  The tester was around $10 and also indicates reverse polarity and improper grounding.

    I’m not sure why GFI outlets fail unless it’s just age and deterioration.  It could be from moister contaminating the internal working parts.  Hopefully quality will get better with technology.  But one thing is for sure.  There are a lot of homes that have GFI outlets that need replaced. 

    If your concerned, you should contact and electrician to have your home checked.
    Rick Jackson

  • Alex Real Estate

    Posted Under: General Area in Alex, How To... in Alex  |  November 20, 2010 8:41 AM  |  928 views  |  No comments
    Alex Real Estate popped into my thoughts today as I Googled search phrases for various cities across the nation. Being competitive in the internet real estate market varies from location to location. For example, when typing "Sacramento Realtor" into a Google search today, I received About 2,350,000 results (0.22 seconds). When typing "Edmond Realtor" I got a return of about 104,000 results (0.18 seconds). That is 2,246,000 more results for the Sacramento search than the Edmond search. When typing "Chicago Realtor" the result was about 1,080,000 results in(0.35 seconds).

    For grins and giggles, I typed "Alex Realtor" into the little, but powerful Google search box and was a little shocked when it displayed About 731,000 results (0.20 seconds). But as I looked down the through the hits, I realized there was not much of anything to be found about Alex, Ok. The little town where I had graduated from High School was not connected to the search phrase "Alex Realtor". Refining the search phrase to "Alex, OK, Realtor resolved the problem and I was able to find property and Real Estate Agents for this local area. Most of the listing for Alex were from Agents in nearby towns, however being more specific in the search achieved the results I was after. I saw some very nice properties listed near Alex. It's a quiet little town near the Washita River, located between Chickasha and Lindsay on Oklahoma State Hwy 19.

    As I thought about searching and phrases, I related it to how communication with others with our verbal skills should be just as specific as searching for information on the internet. Maybe sometime when we request information from our spouses, children, or coworkers, we should be more accurate to avoid getting a lot of unnecessary or incorrect information back.

    Keeping you informed:

    Dreams Do Come True

  • Oklahoma City and Edmond Realtor's Social Network

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Oklahoma County, Home Selling in Oklahoma County, How To... in Oklahoma County  |  October 8, 2010 4:33 AM  |  508 views  |  No comments
    Oklahoma City and Edmond Realtors and social networking.  Connecting is what Oklahoma Real Estate is about.  Nancy and I just got back after having a wonderful evening dining at the Paseo Grill and watching  Social Network at the Cinemark Tinsel Town Theater.  Social Network is a movie about the development of Facebook.

    Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends and family.  You can invite people to parties, express your thoughts or advertise on Facebook.  Sometimes I will post a link to a blog on Facebook. Passing new information through the internet and connecting with as many people as you can may be the theme of many real estate agents and brokers.

    It is our desire to keep you informed and help you feel comfortable while you learn more about the Oklahoma City and Edmond area Real Estate market.  In the older days, buyers had to go to a Realtor's office and look through a listing book.  The book was only as up to date as the Broker who maintained it.  It probably took several days for listings to get to the book, and listing status was only as good as the associate that kept in touch with all parties involved.  It's hard to imagine with today's technology that the system worked, but it did.  It was a hard process of finding and selling a home.

    Even in today's market, we sometimes find listing status not always up to date.  We struggle with computer issues and technology set backs, but the Real Estate Social network is very informative.  Sometimes it is thought to be informative enough, that clients tend to not contact agents, and do most of the work their selves. It's a great way to explorer inventory and compare pricing, but it doesn't keep you as up to date as a professional Realtor.  Communication with a Realtor could prevent clients form learning some very hard lessons and feeling embarrassed as well as investment loss. 

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