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Short Sale Specialist/Sell My House

Do I Need Short Sale Specialist To Help Sell My House

By Renee Dumont~Kansas Cty MO, Scottsdale_Pheonix AZ, and - Renee Dumont | Real Estate Pro in Florida

How Do I Sell My Boston MA Luxury Home as a Short Sale

How Do I Sell My Boston MA Luxury Home as a Short Sale
We specialize in working with people nationwide to short sale, who want or need to sell the house fast, but do not want to wait for months or even years to list, market, sell and close on their home. If this describes you and you are in a tough position and just want to move on then you will be pleased to find that our service is prompt, courteous and efficient.

If you are  like most people who are selling their homes, then you have high hopes when preparing to sell. Your home is immaculate, everything is in its place, and therefore you anticipate a fast quick sale. Conventional wisdom has told you; my home is in good, clean condition...It should sell fast!

Six months may go by and your listing expires. Your house has now become a liability, or a no profit burden.

If you have already gone through this or a similar scenario, you have probably already discovered that it can be more of a hassle than you ever thought possible. And if you have not yet come to learn this, you soon will.

Most realtors know that the higher-end market is not as active and lucrative as it once was and that buyers with financial resources are even fewer and far between.

Our company represents cash buyers of pre-foreclosed homes, in doing our business of buying homes we hope of course to make a profit and we then use a large portion of the profit to pay attorney fee's, commission cost, leins, ect..which will make your life much easier and business sense for us .

We want you to WIN because we are aiming to prevent the foreclosure from happening to you so you don’t get a Foreclosure on your credit and have to pay high unwanted bills years down the road. As for the bank, they get to take the loan off the books. And the Realtor gets a home that is priced correctly that can actually sell at a more marketable price.

So, if you need to sell your house as a short sale, this will require the bank to reduce your payoff to an amount that makes business sense for us to buy it so it’s worth our time to hire attorneys to pursue the bank negotiation. We pay the attorney to fight for your best interest!

Most often, the luxury homes have no or very little  equity in your home until we negotiate with the bank and create the equity we need. As you may know, 90% of pre-foreclosure homes like yours, even though they are listed will not be purchased because a buyer won’t usually come along that knows how to deal with the banks and willing to stay with the negotiation past a couple of weeks. Our experienced team will make it all possible in as little as 3 weeks and sometimes 6 weeks.

Most buyers want to move into a home within weeks, and while homes like yours may get interest, they rarely get to the closing table. Our company has all the experts in place from the right title company, to the experieced negotiator to get your house approved and sold before foreclosure happens. Our company offers the purchse of your house to qualified and patient   buyers and that is why we are your best chance for preventing the foreclosure and getting your home sold to them will enable the entire process to push along very quickly.

  We offer free consultation with our throughout the United States!                  


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