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By Mark Clark | Contractor in Colorado Springs, CO

Sewer Line Inspections Are Important

Home buyers should not make such large investments without first checking the plumbing and sewer line system integrity of their future home.

Sewer Line Inspections

A Sewer Line Inspection can help identify Problems before they become an Expensive Problem!

When your ready to make an offer on a home it's allways best to have a plumbing or drain cleaning company run a sewer camera down the line. It’s an affordable insurance and good safe guard. If you happen to find a clean and good drain pipe, you win.

If you find some tree roots or damaged spots you can have the choice to buy the property or pass. If they want to sell the house, more than likely the seller will agree to get the drain pipe cleaned before the closing on the house. If you find a broken or damaged sewer line you have won. By spending your life savings and hoping that if there is a problem you can find enough money between pay checks to fix the repair is not the way to go.

While some causes of sewer line backups are in sanitary main sewer lines which are the city's responsibility, the other causes are seen a lot more in the laterals lines, the lines between the buildings and homes main line and are under the property owner's liability.

Different kinds of structural defects will start to develop over time and eventually cause some major damage to the pipes, leading to a serious overflow that will require a complete repair of the sewer line. Some defects of the drain pipes will happen due to system deterioration in the pipes. These defects include problems with sewer drain lines such as pipe collapses, sags and bellies in the line, cracks, holes, protruding laterals, misaligned pipes, and also offset joint connections.

Most of the homes in Colorado springs that were built prior to the cities sewer system installation often relied on cesspools. After the city installed the public sewer systems, they left some of the cesspools intact and connected to the sewer lines of the nomes. You won't know unless you inspect the properties sewer line.

Many homes built in the 1950s have their sewer lines made from tar paper also called Orangeburg pipes. These pipes break down over time and collapse. If a home has the sewer line made from Orangeburg, the line will definitely  need replacement.

Tree roots are a major cause of backups, they can grow into the sewer lines and cause big problems for the home owner. Roots will typically grow and crawl into tiny cracks and openings and expand in the sewer line, they will latch onto any type of debris that can cause a backup such as food grease, hair, dirt, disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, broken dishware, and any other type of debris that is too large for drain pipes to handle.

Sometimes chemicals can help with prolonging the regrowth of roots after the rooter service is done with a drain cleaning machine but the roots will still regrow the following year, the proper way to fix it would be to get a spot repair for the bad section of pipe line.

Sewer repair jobs can range from $2,000 to $20,000 depending on the circumstances i.e. depth, distance, cutting down the trees, replacing sidewalks and driveways also which plumbing company you choose to call. Imagine the cost of having to go through your neighbor’s yard and also digging up the street. When getting a video inspection on a sewer line for a home that your buying or selling it will really help identify any potential problems before they become an expensive emergency repair and provide the homeowners with peace of mind.

My name is Mark Clark owner of Pro Power Rooter located in Colorado springs, Colorado. We have the experience and the right tools and equipment to take care of any drain or sewer line problem, from simple drain stoppages, video sewer line inspections and to the most difficult sewer pipe repairs if needed. We have Drain Cleaning Specials on our website, or you can call us for your residential and commercial buying and selling needs.

CALL (719) 331-4071 or visit http://propowerrooterservice.com


By davis-partridge,  Fri Aug 29 2014, 05:08
I wasn't aware that tree roots grow into sewer lines. I can see how that would be a problem. Is that a picture of roots that have been removed during a drain cleaning project? http://www.plumbprosinc.com/drains/

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