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By Peter B. Hawley | Agent in 02540

Leaves are not the only thing Falling in October.....

 Leaves are not the only thing Falling in October

It is a soggy day here in Falmouth, MA where I List and Sell Real Estate (www.peterhawley.com), and for the past few days I have watched the old Maple tree by my office window shed it brilliant coat of leaves, and by the end of this day, they will all be gone. Leaves are not the only things falling, house prices are falling, interest rates are falling and some say the whole economy is falling.  The economy is readjusting to inflated prices, unsustainable investments, and a re-evaluation of true value compared to speculative value. In the long run this benefits everyone, although in the short term we all might feel a little discomfort.


Falling property prices have in fact had a positive impact on total sales which have increased due to the combination of low, fixed interest rates, the Federal Government program that offers a $7,500 tax credit to those who have not owned a property in the last three years and the reality that real estate provides shelter not only an investment vehicle, the wise buyer is planning for their future and following the idea Buy Low, Hopefully Sell High


Many of my clients who I have in what I call my works in progress file, all seem to have a number of things in common. They had run up consumer debt, but are committed to eliminate it and free up more disposable income to be used for savings and building toward their financial future by being in a position to own property. They are starting to subscribe to the philosophy of under living, which is living within or below ones financial means. By doing so they will be able to have more choices, they will be able to own a property, a house, establish a home, which for many of us is the center of our lives.


There is opportunity before us each day, for some it is time to enjoy the harvest, with lowering prices and interest rates, for some it is time to collect the seeds for future planting. I would love to assist you and may be reached at phawley@jackconway.com





By Charles Mcgowan,  Fri Nov 14 2008, 19:33
I read your blog and its consistency with advice freely and openly provided to me. Thank you !
Charlie McGowan
By Charles Mcgowan,  Fri Nov 14 2008, 19:35
As above. C.E.M.

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