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By Forefront Real Estate | Broker in Ontario, CA


Originally, I wrote this post in August of 2009. Given all the recent headlines, I think it still holds true today. What do you think?

Micheal Vick absolutely deserves another chance.... at freedom. No doubt in my mind. He has paid his debt to society, and is free (therein being the key word) to do what he chooses with the rest of his life. Now, here comes the good part. Under no circumstances does he "deserve" another chance in the NFL. First of all, being deserving means you've done something meritous. I think we can all agree dog fighting isn't that. Michael Vick chose to head up,foster and make money from a felonious enterprise,dog fighting. This while making millions of dollars under the employ of the Atlanta Falcons. And then lied to his boss about it all.

None of my agents can run a sub 5 second 40, nor do their jerseys sell in our lobby. But you can bet your sweet pig skin that if an agent ever brought a fraction of that kind of embarrassment to my company, I don't care how many homes he sold, he's not welcome back. Or as another example, what happens to your license if you get caught by your state committing a heinous felony? You're probably looking to get your CFL (and that doesn't stand for Canadian Football League) license. Because your Real Estate Department banned you for life.

Yes, I am a dog lover.Mine are asleep under my feet right now. But I'm not the PETA, throw fake blood on your fur, kind of fanatic. And I'm a huge lover of sports as well. What I'm not a fan of is stupidity, arrogance, manufactured contrition or self-entitlement. Off the field, I hope Michael Vick gets his life together. After all, he is a 29 year old young man. On the field, I don't wish him bodily harm. However,I do hope he fails miserably.Then, and only then, will he realize that he blew an opportunity very rarely seen in life.


By Scott Miller - REALTOR®,  Mon Sep 27 2010, 07:49
No, he does not deserve another chance. He's a p.o.s. and deserves nothing. He's not worth this post I'm writing.
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