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By Pacita Dimacali | Agent in Alameda, CA

Alameda CA Victorians: the wacky, blighted, and spectacular


It's a real visual treat to drive around Alameda because
Alameda CA has the highest number of Victorians per capita in the world. What a treasure trove!

We do have an Alameda Historical Society. And we even have a Guide to Residential Design. But I am not sure what can be done to ensure that the remaining Victorians are saved and preserved, or what standards should be followed and/or enforced to ensure Victorian design remains classic.

Oversized Fountain

Just one block from the heart of downtown, and around the corner from City Hall is this Victorian whose owner installed a huge fountain that may look good in front of a large mansion, but not a Victorian this size.

Huge fountain in front of a Victorian

Black and White Painted Lady

This next Victorian which languished for decades was finally purchased by someone who lovingly restored it. The exterior paint, however, had mixed reaction. Some loved it. And some couldn't understand how they got away with this design. In the City of Love in the 60s, this would have been in great demand, especially if it's interpreted in psychedelic colors. But today?

Black and white painted lady

The Blight

But I guess we'll take the funky painting over this blight. Sad, sad story about how absence of permits for the multi-unit dwelling forced the owner to leave. He was in a long-term dispute with the city. The property owner, the city, and the residents who would like nothing better than to have this Victorian restored to its glory. See the investigative report on 1617 Central Ave  - Inspections from Hell.

Happily, the owner sold this to a reputable company who specializes in restoring such beauties. We are beyond thrilled and are looking forward to its transformation and restoration. Here's the story from The Alamedan who writes that a Long-Vacant historic home due for makeover

1617 Central - a Victorian blight

Victorian Jewel

Directly across from the Victorian blight is a Victorian beauty. Fabulous restoration, complete with gold-leaf accents. This is what Alameda residents would like to see as the epitome of Victorian homes in the island that prides itself on our Victorians. Thankfully, there's more of this type of beautifully restored Victorians than there are blights.

Alameda Victorian


By John Souerbry,  Fri Jun 7 2013, 14:05
I've been driving on High Street from the 880 to Bayview Drive for the past few years (we manage a rental on Bayview) and have noticed some of those beautiful old homes. Alameda certainly has a lot of character, thanks for the great article.
By Pacita Dimacali,  Fri Jun 7 2013, 14:28

I am truly enjoying it here. Love the diversity --- not just of architectural homes, but the people as well. Thanks!
By Christopher Crosby,  Tue Feb 18 2014, 10:57
Love those photos. What a cool place.
By Judi Monday, CRS,  Wed Feb 19 2014, 07:30
I have always loved the Victorians in Alameda.

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