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Nicholas Junker's Blog

By Nicholas Junker | Agent in Stillwater, MN

Real Estate Investments

The American dream......... get married, get a good job, buy a home, and raise a family, plan for retirement. That was then, what now? Gas prices just jumped $0.50/gal, unemployment is almost 10% across the country, 401k is not quite enough anymore, stocks...... well if you have a good lead on something please let me know, but what about real estate? Rental property is always a good idea, your renters pay your mortgage, you have something to write off at the end of the year... possibly, and if you can put together 3-5 properties you can amass a nice stream of income for yourself and also if those properties are paid off even partially you have a liquid asset.

Thats one option..... but some people are not too keen on the idea of dealing with renters. Option 2; Rehab. We can really break this down in about 3 parts. 1) Buy a bank owned, pre foreclosure or any property that you can get your hands on and buff it out. Kitchens and bathrooms sell...... period, do your floors and paint your walls and now we have a property worth marketing. 2) Find a group of pros to invest with. Why get your hands dirty? Let the pros handle all the work sit back and recieve a nice return on your investment. 3) As a first time or an ambitious buyer you can take advantage of a 203k rehab loan that allows you to qualify for additional funds to take care of rehabing kitchens, bathrooms, or whatever your imagination desires, giving you instant equity on your purchase.

If you are considering an investment via optons 1 or 2 think about this. The market is flooded with buyers qualified to buy at 2.75% with as little as 3% down! The problem is that they do not have a wealth of options on the market in terms of quality property to choose from. That means if you have a tip top proffesionaly remodeled home priced to sell..... you own the market. Building still costs more than buying existing property and if you can present an existing property to a market hungry for quality..... well lets just say...... sellers market.

In todays America everyone should be thinking about their future. If you are looking for a solid investment opportunity think Real Estate!
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