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By Mike Cooper | Broker in Winchester, VA

Are smart-phones making us less smart?

Yesterday, I wrote a blog about the potential for technology to make us less Man on cell phonesocial, and that brought up another topic.  Are our smart-phones making us less smart?  What do I mean?  Think about it.  How many phone numbers do you remember?  How many addresses can you recall?  How many calculations do you do in your head?

I love my smart-phone.  It makes my life so simple in so many ways, but I rarely do math in my head, I don't remember many phones numbers anymore and I haven't looked at a map in years.  Is there anything wrong with that?  Not really, unless my battery runs down at the wrong time.

I can remember when my sons were small, I thought, "They will never know what it was like to live without a computer."  My sons have always had computers.  There is a Cell Phone Babynew generation behind them that the majority will never wear a watch, look at a phone book, read a newspaper, do math with a pencil and paper, take a picture with a camera, etc., etc., etc.  Their smart-phones will provide those services and information for them.

There is nothing wrong with depending on your smart-phone.  I guess I wax nostalgic.  I remember those teen years of spending hours on the phone with a girl that I thought was the most amazing person in the world. 

I remember receiving a letter from someone who wanted to catch up, and what a great surprise it was.  I remember dropping by a store to see if they had an item, only to be sucked into looking a dozens of other items that gave me ideas and visions of future purchases. 

I remember finally figuring out how to do that one math problem that had eluded me for hours.  My labor was evidenced by piles of papers with legions of numbers marching around making no sense whatsoever.  I would stick that dastardly problem on the wall in my bedroom as reminder not for forget that equation.  It was a trophy and a warning to hang to that knowledge.

So, I ask my question again, "Are smart-phones making us less smart?"  Maybe not, but by the time we know for sure I'll be retired looking for my smart-phone so I can find out if I took my meds or ate lunch. 


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By Amanda and Jared Christiansen,  Sun Mar 25 2012, 07:18
Hey! I saw this blog somewhere else too! Well written Mike.
By Mike Cooper,  Sun Mar 25 2012, 07:21
Thanks, CT! Have a great Sunday!!
By Judi Monday, CRS,  Sun Mar 25 2012, 08:01
Great post Mike...while it may be making me less smart, I can't imagine life without it!
By Mike Cooper,  Sun Mar 25 2012, 09:04
Me either, Judi.
By Akil Walker,  Sun Mar 25 2012, 15:26
I woul.d say yes. ike you already noted I can not remember anyone's # without my phone. Great post
By Mike Cooper,  Sun Mar 25 2012, 19:15
Thanks, Akil. Have a great week.
By John Souerbry,  Mon Mar 26 2012, 05:02
I don't remember phone numbers or addresses anymore, but I am smart enough to sync my phone with Outlook every morning and to charge the phone every night and whenever I'm in the car. Brain in a box.
By Mike Cooper,  Mon Mar 26 2012, 05:15
That's a good name for it, John.

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