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By Michele Cadogan | Agent in Brooklyn, NY

Feng Shui and Your Home's Front Door

Feng Shui means wind and water.

Feng Shui has traditionally been a way of life.  It is considered a force in the enviroment which is the flow of the universe, the Tao.  Good Feng Shui can bring  long life, happiness, blessings and good health.

When buying a house many practioners take the postition of the front door into account.  The front door protects the house and its inhabitants.  Many believe that a well position front door increases wealth, long life and good health.

The front door should be in scale with the house- too large of a door will lead to financial issues and too small will lead to arguments.  The font door should not face a dead end street because it will not allow the Ch'i to circulate.  Ideally the front door should be placed toward the left hand side of the property.  A main door in the center is also acceptable.  You should avoid a property with a right handed front door.

A front door facing a hill could result in difficulties at work or a loss in business.

Practioners also avoid homes with trees planted directly in front of the front door.  They believe that the Yin in the tree (nature) will block the Yang entering the house an the tree will also send additional Yin in to the home.

Chai- a site, a dwelling or office

Ying and Yang- are opposing forces in a continual state of tension. They represent male and female, light and dark and water and fire.

When you are ready to buy a sell a home in Brooklyn feel free to contact me at 917-861-9166.  I specialize in assisting buyers and sellers with  all of their Brooklyn Real Estate needs.

Michele Cadogan
Fillmore Real Estate
Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker


By Helen Oliveri,  Sun Mar 13 2011, 12:47
What an interesting blog.

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