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By Meena Gujral | Agent in Pleasanton, CA

4 Things you must do before putting your house on the market


The following article is about the steps that need to be done prior to the listing of a real property. These are the simple and effective steps you have to take in order to make a great deal in selling your house.

Things to do before Selling a House

A good marketing strategy gives the most profit to sellers. In the real estate business, people get more from their property because of efficient preparation and marketing. All you have to know are the things you need to do before selling a house.  It only takes a little renovation and appraisal to make your house more attractive to buyers. You will even be guaranteed the best value from the proceeds of the sale. Read on to know all the things you have to do.

1. Take a Tour around Your House

First thing you must accomplish before putting your house on sale is to evaluate it. Assess the condition of your house. Find a preferred time to carry this out and bring along a notebook and pen to take notes while roaming around your house. This way, you will be able to identify the renovations needed to make it look better. You can also spot the sections that need urgent attention.

2. Act as if You are the Buyer

A typical house assessment may not be sufficient to effectively examine your house. Pretend as if you are a potential buyer to avoid being lenient and biased of your own property. Doing so will help you appraise your house more fairly. Will you be interested in buying your house if you were the shopper? Which areas are not so favorable about the house? Which areas need major repair? These are just but some of the questions you have to answer in order to successfully evaluate your house. Keep in mind that buyers are very particular on how your property looks, how it feels when you are in it and even how your house smells. Take note of the things you have discovered for your reference. Stick to the result and work them all out.

3. Appraise the Interior of your House

You must keep in mind that your goal is to sell your property at the best-cost possible. You can only attain this goal if your property is buy-worthy or at the very least, attractive to a lot of buyers. As what was mentioned earlier, general number of buyers is particular to the physical attributes of your property. They will be more than fascinated to houses that look pleasant and homey than those which look desolate and untidy. You can expect them to be more than exited to find a house that looks and feels cared for.

Using the notes you have taken previously, plan a little appraisal starting from the interior of your house. Doing these simple renovations make your house more eye-catching to buyers. Best thing to do first is to clean your house. Start from the walls, floor and ceiling. You may contact a house repairperson to do this for you. Rid your closet from unneeded clothes and things. Collect all unnecessary belongings that you won’t be using for the meantime such as your personal properties, video collection, appliances, excess kitchen utensils and equipment, and the like. Keep your things in boxes and label them. You can store them in a spare room in your house or rent a storage warehouse to keep them for the meantime.

Next, you can repaint the interior of your house to give it a new look. It can also create a clean and pleasing look. White and beige are the recommended colors that exude positive aura. You will discover that your house will appear larger and cleaner after the repaint. Replace your carpet if need and if your buyer don’t like it. In case it’s still in good condition, you can just clean it and leave it there.

You need to check for leaks and moisture inside your house, too. Buyers will be alarmed to see water stains on your ceiling, as it is an indication of a possible problem. Such condition indicates the need to get your water system or your roofing fixed.

4. Beautify your House’s Exterior

In as much effort that you have exerted to upgrade the interior of your house, the same is needed for its exterior. The first thing a potential buyer notices when he evaluates your house is the way it looks from the outside. He may either be overwhelmed or turned off just by the way your house looks. Take a walk around your block and compare the look of your house from your neighbors. Does it look attractive from outside? Is the paint still in perfect condition? Do you need to improve your lawn? Are you impressed by the way your house looks from a distance? Take note of these and do the necessary to create an attractive image of your house.

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