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By Matthew Morgus | Agent in 90039

The Terminator vs. Chad Rogers

2260 Sunset Plaza Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90069


Holy moly, who lives here?  The Terminator?

This is a new “residential” listing from former Million Dollar Listing agent, Chad Rogers.

Can you imagine being a fly on the wall during a Chad Rogers' listing presentation in front of the Terminator?

Chad (nervously petting his chihuahua): “Hi, Mr. Terminator.  What a lovely home you have.  Starla, here, and I will get you top dollar for this place.”

Mrs. Terminator (yelling from the kitchen): "Damnit Terminator!  I thought I told you to fix this plug in the kitchen.  It shocked me again!"

Terminator: "I said I will!"  He rolls his glowing, red eyes.  "Women.  Can't live with 'em.  Can't live without 'em.  Am I right?"

Chad: "That's right, Mr. Terminator."

Terminator: "Chad, please, call me Terminator.  Let me give you a tour of our humble abode.  This is the entry hall.  These spot lights really warm the place up.  They remind me of my days on Broadway."

Terminator: "The views from these windows are incredible.  When my buddies come over, on the weekends, we throw down a few brewskies, play a little billiards, and just gaze out over the city."

Chad: "Nice gun you have hanging on the wall."

Terminator: "Yeah, you like that?  You should come skeet shooting with us sometime."

Terminator: "Here's the dining room.  The Mrs. had to have this crystal chandelier.  Set me back a pretty penny, but whatever makes her happy."

Terminator: "And here's the kitchen."  (whispering)  "You'd think one-on-one cooking lessons with a world-class chef would teach her how to use some of this stuff, but man, you really don't wanna come to our house for dinner."

Mrs. Terminator: "Terminator, why didn't you tell me we have company?"

Terminator: "We're just talkin' a little business, Dear.  This is Chad Rogers."

Mrs. Terminator: "Yes, I'm such a fan of the show.  How are you Chad?  Would you like some lemonade?"

Chad: "Nice to meet you Mrs. Terminator.  None for me thanks."

Terminator: "This is the recording studio.  My album is set to hit stores this fall."

Chad: "You're a real Renaissance man."

Terminator: "I dabble."

Terminator: "This is where I come to blow off steam.  Gotta stay in shape.  I'm not a spring chicken anymore.  You look like you throw around a few weights every now and then."

Chad: "Thanks for noticing."

Terminator: "And this is where all the magic happens.  We haven't told anybody, yet, but we're expecting."

Chad: "Congratulations!  You'll make a great father."

Terminator: "Thank you.  That's why we've decided to move.  We're gonna need a more baby-friendly home."

This "homey" residence includes seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a full home theater, library, dance studio, sauna, wine cellar and a separate guest house.

Listing provided courtesy of: Chad Rogers, Hilton & Hyland

To view this property, please call Matthew Morgus at 213-880-6420.

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