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By Margie Casey | Broker in Florida

2014 Happiest Community of the Year - Tellico Village

As the dawn breaks, cotton candy clouds reflect in Tellico Lake where dragonflies dance. Dog walkers and joggers scoot by sharing a friendly wave with the giggling children waiting at the bus stop and Mrs. Smith watering her colorful flower beds. Does this sound like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood of Make Believe? It’s not. Meet Tellico Village in Eastern Tennessee. This lakefront neighborhood established 25 years ago has blossomed into a fairy tale where everyone wants to be your neighbor. A place of warm apple pie, a friendly hug, and worry free living.

How do we know? Because over 490 property owners have told us so by posting property owner reviews on our website. Here’s an example of what they’ve said:

“It is a demi-Eden. We greet each morning with, "Ah, another day in Paradise!" 

“The Community and the residents have successfully planned to integrate new residents into the life of the community. It is impossible to live here without making great friends, and enjoying a wide variety of athletic, cultural and volunteer activities.”

“It's an active community filled with loving, giving people.”

“So many fun things to do... you just show up & play. You don't need to know anyone to join in. Great for new villagers!”

“This place is a true treasure; we are torn between bragging about it and wanting to keep it to ourselves.”

"THE PEOPLE make Tellico Village the happiest place!!! They are friendly & helpful. It doesn't matter if you have a big house or a small one folks are welcoming.”

"It's like being at summer camp year round."

Grab a cup of coffee, or you better make it two. The happy comments go on and on. You can read all 490+ property owner reviews on our website at the bottom of Tellico Village's Community Review page. Scored almost to perfection, 490+ Tellico Village property owners have scored it 97 out of 100.

Located 30 minutes west of Knoxville, Tellico Village hugs the shoreline of Tellico Lake. This large master-planned community is one of the friendliness neighborhoods we’ve come across. Folks are merry and carefree. With more time on their hands at retirement, many are busier than ever enjoying amenities and the hobbies they had put on hold during their careers. Amenities at Tellico Village include three championship golf courses, a state-of-the-art wellness center, yacht club, boating marina and much more. At the village, property owners pay a-la-carte for amenities. Property owners can pick and choose what they want to use. POA fees are dirt cheap at $107 a month and comes with boatloads of love.

Tellico Village has the largest representation of volunteerism we’ve seen in Tennessee. From first responders to welcoming committees. From skilled firefighters to T-Bart helping distressed boaters on the lake. Property owners have engaged themselves so deeply into the well being of the community as a whole, they’ve evolved into one of the happiest places to live in America.

Our loudest shout out is for Tellico Village, Real Estate Scorecard’s 2014 Bliss Award winner for Happiest Community of the Year™.  Congratulations!


By David & Samuel Rifkin,  Fri Feb 7 2014, 07:42
Thank you for this great information.
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