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Parking on the Beach

Parking on the Beach

“Parking on South Beach is a Mission” – quotable line of current and previous Miami Beach residents.

Where and how do I park if I move to the Beach? That’s the question that everyone needs to be asking themselves before they pack-up and move to the paradise known as Miami Beach. Your first idea should be to sell your car and buy a scooter as this city is no place for a car. But if you are unlucky enough to work over the bridge or need a car to visit family or get around, then you will need a RESIDENTIAL PARKING PERMIT. They cost about $55 for about 14 months and it does NOT guarantee you a parking spot anywhere close to where you live. If your building does not offer parking, you need to look around you to see if its going to be an issue. If you are getting an apartment on Collins or Ocean Drive, you will not find parking, sorry. The further away you live from the hottest spots, the better chance you have of finding a parking spot. If you are living close to Lincoln Road, you will have a parking issue as well. Look at the buildings on the block and see how many offer parking. Each block is different and you’d be surprised how much easier it is to find parking if you live on 13th & Pennsylvania with compared to 15th and Pennsylvania. Do not think that because you found parking at 3PM that you will find parking at 1AM. The parking situation after midnight is a stark contrast to that of the day time. During the day, people are working which is why you will find parking without issue. These pearls of wisdom are based on those living in actual South Beach, parking in Zone 2 (Flamingo Park). Zone 1, 3, 5, etc. are all different. If you are fortunate enough to find a unit that offers parking, factor in a savings of about $50-$100/month plus no daily parking aggravation.


Zone 1 is Ocean Drive and SoFi. SoFi has a lot of nice buildings that offer parking, however there is a limited amount of street parking available, especially now that the streets have been re-done with lines for each space.

Zone 2 (Flamingo Park). The most prominent of all zones and the one that offers the most issues. If you live on 7th and Jefferson, you probably don’t have the problems of those that live on 15th and Drexel or 16th and Meridian. Zone 2 is the biggest zone and you may want to look into getting into a (hyperlink for garages) parking garage or renting a space privately from someone.

Zone 4 – Small zone West of Lincoln Road. A good amount of buildings here offer parking and the situation isn’t too extreme

Zone 12 – Large zone for residents on the North side of Alton Road (Bay Road, West Ave., etc.) Most buildings offer parking and you should be able to find spaces near your condo.

The further North you live (Surfside, Bal Harbor, etc.) the parking situation becomes a lot easier and you will find many areas that don’t even require a parking permit.

More information about parking in Miami Beach can be found on the official website: http://web.miamibeachfl.gov/parking/

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