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Hiring a Realtor

Recently, I've noticed a lot of strange behavior with people when they hire me as their realtor.

I understand that not everyone is going to like their realtor and want to use someone else. But when I'm out showing a client properties, they act as if I'm a saleman or that I own the property and are afraid to tell me what they think, talk in whisper/other languages, and afraid to 'offend me' I guess.

When I have a realtor showing me properties, I tell them what I liked about the place, what I didn't like, what our expectations are, and send them any properties I see of interest.

I would say about 60% of my business are like me and 40% are like the ones above. I don't really understand this behavior. Do people not know that a buyers/renter's agent works for them and doesn't care what property they take as far as compensation is concerned? Are people that afraid I will be offended of some property that I could care less about?

Its really strange I don't know how to over come this type of behavior. I try to tell everyone that I work FOR THEM, will Negotiate whatever THEY WANT, and ultimately want them to rent/buy something that they will truly enjoy. Perphaps I'm not getting my point across, perhaps its just a natural distrust for people in sales or people in South Florida. Buts its really maddening for me for people not tell me what's really going on, or afraid to tell me about a property and say "I'll let you know" & never hear back, or just not to hear anything again from someone after showing them various units.


By Gina,  Thu Sep 13 2012, 19:58
I think this is great information. It really doesn't surprise me that people are not up front about their wants and needs. Why hide information? Who does that really benefit?

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