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By Luis Lozada HABLAMOS ESPAÑOL | Agent in 33027

10 reasons why Realtors do not answer calls from customers.

10 reasons why Realtors do not answer calls from customers.

The first thing I want to do is clarify something for the general public. Real Estate Professionals or Realtors as we are best known, work on commission and only by commission, we do not accrued any money in any other activity. Our employer has no obligation to pay us. If we do not sell or rent a property. we do not put a meal on the table for our family. 

Clarified this point, how we Realtors,earn our salary,  I want to share with you some of the reasons why some realtors do not answer the phone or return calls: 

1 - The customer calls for information on a property, and they are already working with another Realtor. If you are working with a realtor, he or she should provide the information of all available properties, if this is not the case. You can choose another Real Estate Professional (Realtor) to give advice to you in your search. For ethical reasons a Realtor should not provide information to a buyer or seller who is already working with another Realtor. 

2 - Customers  that don't know  in which city they want to  buy the property and ask to see properties in Weston, Miami Beach, Boca Raton and Pompano Beach. A real buyer is very clear or at least have an idea of ​​what city or cities you would like to live, either by the schools for their children or because they like a particular neighborhood. 

3 - Customers do not have a bank loan approved and have no cash to buy a property. These people want to see properties that are outside their actual scope and are not even eligible for a bank loan, are bankrupt or have properties in short sale or foreclosure. Those who are eligible do not know how is it that they really can invest in a property, according to their income and they refuse to be prequalified by a bank. 

4 - Customers do not let the realtor guide them in buying their property. These people think they know more than the realtors or do not trust the "realtors." They believe more in what it says in the press and the media, what a friend told them, who by the way is a Realtor or his brother who recently purchased a property. A true Real Estate professional can help you and guide you with real information and current market  data in your city, not Texas, not Ohio, not the entire country but your city, the city where you will invest your money. 

5 - Customers who don't know what price they are seeking. 

Customer: I'm looking for a property between $ 10 000 and $350.000. (This makes no sense.) 

6 - Realtor: When you are buying your property? 

Customer: I do not know,  Maybe in the next 12 months or more. (So ​​you want to see house at this time.) A true buyer must be ready with an approved mortgage loan based on income and know when you can and want to invest in property that will be home and be clear about the timeframe when they want to move to the new property either because  they rental contract will expire or they want to sell the property where  they currently reside. 


7 - Customers who do not want to have a consultation with the realtor. 

Realtor: You can go to my office and discuss in detail what you are looking for. 

Customer: No, I have no time for that. 

(purchase of your home. its no important) A consultation with the realtor, will give you an idea, if you are working with someone professional and who will represent your interests in the most important investment of your life. The realtor needs to know if you are a serious buyer and is qualified to buy the house you want and need to know what you want in great detail. And this is an excellent opportunity to assess whether this person is with whom you want to work. 


8 - Customers looking for the biggest bargain in the history of Real estate 

Customer: I'm looking at in this  moment a home on the internet with a price of $ 20.000, and I want to buy it. 

Realtor: Yes ma'am that's a scam, you are looking to steal your money, because in that area more affordable home costs $ 280,000. 

9 - It's in the worst of all calls. 

Customer: I'm looking at a house in Miramar that the price is $ 230.000 and I want to make a offer. 

Realtor: Great, I definetely can help you with that. How much do you want to offer for this property? 

Customer: I know the area and the properties there sell for $ 130.000, that's the price I  will pay for the property no more, tell me if it helps or not. 

Realtor: Ok, sigh ... ... ... .... 

There is a false belief that at this time all the property can be bought as bargains, and this is not so. There are many people looking to bid for the low price PROPERTIES these often makes a fierce competition, including shortsale, Remember you are not the only person wanting to buy a property, let your realtor tell you which is the best bid price if you really want to get the property. 

10 - Customers want to see property, just for curiosity, no matter the time and gasoline spent the realtor. Remember show properties is part of our work but we earned nothing for doing this. 

Dear reader if you are one of these customers, Realtor remember that we want to work with you, but please follow the Golden Rule: do to others what you do not want to do to you. Treat your Realtor with consideration and respect for their time. 


Luis Lozada


By Suzanne MacDowell,  Sat Apr 30 2011, 09:30
Add to that people who call and are downright rude and obnoxious! Whether they call to find out what the asking price is on a home only to start screaming when they hear the answer, "What are you, crazy? " You know the type, the ones that attended a recent seminar for so-called investors and were told that all realtors are thieves, or whether they say they left a message that never got to you and you didn't call them back 2 seconds later, whatever the reason, there is no excuse for obnoxious behavior and guess what, one of the benefits of being an independent contractor is I get to choose who I will and will not work with!
By Sandy,  Sat Apr 30 2011, 09:48
so true !!!!
By Valerie Mcevoy,  Sat Apr 30 2011, 10:26
Important to work on 'multiple streams of income' so that you don't have to tolerate bad clients.
By Valerie Mcevoy,  Sat Apr 30 2011, 10:28
Would be great to seminars to be out there to deal with this. We need more tactical boots on the ground advice and less 50,000 foot vision stuff in this market.
By Laura Santiago,  Sat Apr 30 2011, 10:42
I an agent and I agree! With your statements. There are times were I try not to make the customer feel obligated. But the reality learned recently is that customers are not loyal at all.
By Luis Lozada HABLAMOS ESPAÑOL,  Thu May 5 2011, 05:50
By Petasne Real Estate Team,  Sat May 7 2011, 16:57
I agree with everything you say. It's in your best interest as a Real Estate Professional and business owner to pre-qualify people very well before you go out there. I would highly suggest everyone uses a showing agreement with whomever they show property to. Be honest and upfront with buyers and it will save you and others lots of time and money. Keep the process simple. This is not brain science. Remember like any business it's a numbers game. You'll talk to 100 people and you'll get 3 or more sales. Pre-qualify!
By Annette Lawrence,  Mon May 9 2011, 06:35
"I beg to differ," when you hear those you know you've met #4. The conversation continues, "I know streets in these communites flood during the summer rains!" This New Jersey resident is getting information passed down from the long ago deceased great-great grandpa of neighbors second cousin living in Arizona. The giant storm drains surrounding the double raised lot seemed to have been overshadowed by...well, I'm not sure how they could be missed!

In very complex situations such as real estate, SEO, search engine ranking, mortgage lending, Deptartment of Education and the IRS, one's vulnerabily is exposed because citizens rarely have a full undersanding of why or how these things do or do not work for our benefit. Fear, resentment, suspicion are the natural outcome. Education, AND THE WILLINGNESS TO LEARN are the solutions. "I know' and 'I beg to differ" along with "I don't have time," are good indicators of an individual who has closed the door to new information.

The community of real estate professionals have proven to be generous with their time and resources but what seems to be missing is the understanding from the public that THIS IS A BUSINESS not a hobby. Please go to the local fast food chain and stike up a lengthy conversation with the cashier during lunch. What do you think would happen? That's right, IT'S A BUSINESS NOT A HOBBY!
By Courtney Stephens,  Mon May 9 2011, 06:45
That is true, but if you're going to send that or post it where potential customers can see, I would correct some of the grammatical mistakes. Just sayin'!
By Phil Rotondo,  Mon May 9 2011, 07:00
Thank you.
By Luis Lozada HABLAMOS ESPAÑOL,  Mon May 9 2011, 09:01
Thanks Courtney, I will, English is my second language I will do better
By Paris MacIvor,  Mon May 9 2011, 10:24
It was nice speaking with you Luis on the phone. A Man of your Word - you picked up within a couple of rings. I have read your post and am impressed by your grasp of not only the Language, but of the Real Estate Agent's view of things. Being that you are one, it definitely helps when you are writing about your experiences. When someone calls my team - the first question, or at least within the first few is, "Do you have a Realtor and are you working with an agent?" That really assists with the time that is taken by the research and answering of questions their "chosen professional" should be providing.

I have always loved it when they respond, "My Agent is really busy, that is why I am calling you...." The time I become "too busy" for my clients, I will close up shop!
By Diane Wheatley, Broker,  Mon May 9 2011, 15:53
Great work! So appropriate. I want to use your post as the content for my next animated video. Thanks for sharing.
By Akil Walker,  Mon May 9 2011, 17:08
By Laura Giannotta,  Tue May 10 2011, 00:32
I don't believe there is ever a good reason not to answer the phone. You raise good points, but how will you know if a client just needs time to make a decision or has totally unreachable home buying or selling goals unless you speak to them first.
By Mark Harrison,  Sun May 15 2011, 12:41
Great advise, asking are you currently working with a Realtor. I had an experience not too long ago after showing the property the prospective client told me her mom was an agent. I politely said, why in the heck are you calling me. Was told she was not able to afford her dues and look at the mls. My first question now are you currently working with an Agent.
By Eduardo,  Mon Aug 1 2011, 13:25
My friend, I believe the Realtor that doesn't call back is neglecting our profession. I can understand many reasons but we are here to serve our customers and provide them orientation, support, tolerance, time, etc. at the end of the day one or other customer will close a deal or if not we may7 have won another friend.
By Eduardo,  Mon Aug 1 2011, 13:26
My friend, I believe the Realtor that doesn't call back is neglecting our profession. I can understand many reasons but we are here to serve our customers and provide them orientation, support, tolerance, time, etc. at the end of the day one or other customer will close a deal or if not we may7 have won another friend.
By Jack777,  Sat Sep 24 2011, 11:50
As someone who buys foreclosures, for cash, (Then refinances usually)

This is horrible advice, and would almost guarantee we never work together...
#4, I know what properties I'm looking for, I'll take other examples, but not without seeing some numbers first.
#7 no I will not sign a contract, if you don't answer your phone and show properties when I need, I want the option to call someone more competent. (I do however give finders fees)
#8 Most properties I buy are under 50k (/1/3 the price in the area)
& #9 If you're worried about ruining your "stats" you sell yourself with I understand... but lowballing is required, you can't offend banks and people who got willed the property, and that who gives a low price.

I got here by searching "Realtors never answer the phone" after calling 3 in the area I've never called before.
(So it's not my reputation :P

(Oh and I was also a Realtor for a while back, Full-timer, if it lends any credence)
By Jaz Cook,  Mon Jul 15 2013, 16:48
Jack777, I understand your fraustration :) I got here by searching "Why most Realtors don't answer the phone" as well. I do this search every few months trying to find a good answer to this question.. called dozen agents for a showing, not one picked up the phone, 2-3 agents phone rang 50 times and couldn't leave a message. Why Why Why Real estate agents don't answer the phone, I don't get it!

If you don't answer the phone how do you expect me to show your listings? Does your Seller know about this? Does your home seller know there was a potential buyer that wanted to see the home but the listing agent did not answer the phone or text message or email? Umm!

There is no excuse for not answering the phone, if a realtor truly loves this profession then they would happily answer any questions any buyer has, politely and willingly. It is never the Buyer or the Sellers fault in my humble opinion. Overly inflated egos mess everything up from not answering the phone to closing the deal.

Be kind to people on the phone give them the accurate information to the best of your ability, so what if they are working with someone else? What did it cost you? 5 minutes of your time/life? So what! You did a kind deed. You should feel good.

Let the buyer go and buy from the agent he or she is under contract with. Remember good things will happen to you only when you learn to give first and then you will receive don't expect, it will just come to you from nowhere. Really sad to see it is such a dog eat dog world out there.

Home Buyers, Home Sellers, Investors, asset managers, can call me anytime, I answer the phone 98% of the time, not to mention emails and text messages, not your typical 9-5 real estate agent, always willing to help and share my honest opinion and "expect nothing in return". If you like my tenacity and my personality want to work with me as your buyers agent, or list your home, Great!

If you don't and just want my opinion and someone to talk to, that is fine too. I only work with 2-3 clients per month rest of the time it is all about building relationships and enjoying the real estate profession.
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