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By Lisa Hassett | Agent in Weston, MA

Shhhh....I Am Selling My House But I Do Not Want My Neighbors To Know!

Shhhh…. I am selling my house but I do not want my neighbors to know!

Hello dear people.

I have many sellers tell me that they do not want a ‘For Sale’ sign in their yard because they do not want their neighbors to know that they are trying to sell their home. They feel, ‘It’s none of my neighbors business if I'm selling my house.’

I do understand their concern. It could be embarrassing if your house does not sell quickly or heaven forbid does not sell at all!

Of course my sellers, as client, are boss and I will not put a yard sign in if they are really adamant about it but I ask them, and you, to consider the following before making that decision:

  • Neighbors can be a great source of referral for buyers in the area. Your neighbors have friends and family that might want to move into your area. Most people would like to help choose their new neighbors! Neighbors are not active buyers searching the net or working with an agent. They may only come to know of your home’s availability as a result of your sign. Their friends or family members may not have an agent, and/or might live out of the area.
  • Your yard sign also serves as an identification point for those who are trying to locate your property. It will be easier for agents and others to find the home with a sign. It will also allow people to get informational brochures your agent will attach to your sign. Without a sign I have heard buyers say: "We couldn't find it" or "There wasn't a sign, so we thought it wasn't available any longer. We just drove on and made an offer on another property."!
  • Some buyers find homes of interest on-line, ride by the home and not like it in particular but like the sub-division, neighborhood or area. They then begin driving around looking specifically for ‘For Sale’ signs to call on in that area. If you do not have a yard sign you will miss out on those potential buyers.
  • Having a Realtor’s ‘For Sale’ sign in front of your property indicates that you are represented by a knowledgeable professional, and that more information is only a phone call/email/text away. It also leads the potential buyer to visit the Realtor's website for more information on your home: photos, virtual tour, etc. I have had many callers advise me that they called my sign because they were familiar and comfortable with the professional brand.
  • Many potential buyers aren't working with a Realtor, and begin their search by driving around neighborhoods and communities on weekends looking for real estate signs. When they see a home they like they call the Agent right then and there to get more information.
  • In addition to all of the online and print marketing that is done, anything that draws attention to the property is helpful. A sign will attract more attention to the property which is what you need to sell your home! It is in your best interest to have as many people as possible know that your house is for sale. No one can buy it, if they don't know it's available.
  • Accidental Interest occurs: ‘The home we now live in we found by accident dropping a our son off at a friend’s home in the subdivision. We saw the sign, fell in love with the home and bought it!’ I have personally had several buyers buy a home directly from sign advertising: out on a Sunday drive, apple picking, etc. saw the sign, called for an appointment and ended up purchasing the home!

According to National Association of Realtors, 2011 the sources used in home search/purchase break down as follows:

Internet: 88%

Real estate agent: 87%

Yard sign: 55%

Open house: 45%

Newspaper ad: 30%

Home book or magazine: 19%

So although ‘For Sale’ yard signs are not the be-all and end-all that they were prior to the internet, they are still a significant source of successful advertising in marketing homes.

Weigh all these pros with your personal disadvantages of posting a sign and decide what works best for you! If you do decide not to put up a sign, make sure your listing agents notes that in the MLS so that agents bringing buyers don’t expect to find a sign when they get to your house!

Consider if it is worth cutting out one significant method of bringing more exposure to your house? Why not take advantage of all forms of advertising available?

What are your feelings about 'Home For Sale' signs?

by Lisa Hassett, Realtor




By Team Lassen,  Mon Feb 17 2014, 11:07
These are great persuasive points Lisa!

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