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Villa Park, California Rotary Newsletter May 28, 2010


The May 28, 2010 Newsletter has been published to the Villa Park Rotary website. A copy has been included below.

You may also read it on-line by visiting


Rotary Club of Villa Park Newsletter

Looking for the Silver Lining in Mr. Moorlach's Neighborhood


Today's visit from Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach  brought out a big crowd anxious to hear some good news about the fiscal state of Orange County and California.  It was like Groundhog Day, would Supervisor Moorlach give them the good news they hoped to hear or would there many more years of fiscal uncertainty..... you'll have to read the rest of this week's newsletter to find out. 


Our day began with another thoughtful invocation from our lay reverend Millie Alexander, who's done a wonderful job of filling in for other would-be but no-show invocateurs.  Bryan Nash led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Greg Mills  in reciting the Rotary Four Way Test.  We concluded our opening ceremonies with a rousing rendition of God Bless America that even wowed song mistress Teri Brooks and impressed our guests.



The Honorable John Moorlach- Orange County Supervisor

Kathy Moran- assistant to John Moorlach

Larry Dick- Orange Club- hoping lightning would strike twice and he would win another $50 in the drawing

Steve Lopushinsky- Orange Club

Spud Lambing- Orange Club

Gerardo Rodriguez- 5th Meeting and candidate For membership

Russ Patterson- Former Villa Park City Council Member and recent returnee to Villa Park



Linda Bartrom-Olsen-  talked about last Saturday Night's very successful Interact Recognition Dinner that was held at Rockwell's.  Over 65 Rotarians, Interact Board Members, Interact Presidents  and their families attended.  Linda thanked participants- Bryan Nash, Pam Dunn, Teri Brooks and Jay Applebaum for helping out at the event.  Also attending were Jane and Bill McDonald, Lesslie Giacobbi, Bill Baker, Ed Howard as Keynote Speaker, and Pete and Diana Moriarty.  (Photos are on the website) The event honored Interact Board Members and Presidents from both Villa Park and Lutheran High.  Ken and Lisa Fischer attended the event that honored their daughter  Luhi Interact President,  Autumn Koch.

Steve Kawa told us that the quarterly dues statements have been sent out via email. Please get any outstanding receipts to him before the end of June so he can close out the books.

Steve Stern announced that the Demotion Party For Outgoing President Joe Brand will be held on Sunday June 27th at the home of Joe & Pam Brand at 5PM.  A Mexican Dinner will be served along with a dessert consisting of coffee and donuts to commemorate Joe's past incarnation as an LA Cop.

Greg Mills reminded us that this Sunday is the Villa Park City Picnic at Irvine Lake.  Set up will begin at 10:30.  A sign-up list was passed around.

Lobsterfest Report- a number of Villa Park Rotarians partook in the annual lobster feed at the Yorba Linda Sunrise Rotary Club last Friday evening.  This year we upgraded to the catered seats and were served a delicious meal consisting of all you could eat steak & Maine Lobster both cooked to perfection, corn on the cob, cole slaw, appetizers , dessert and all kinds of alcoholic libations.  We all pigged out and had a great time listening to live music from the 60s.  Robbie Pitts downed 6 of the crustaceans followed by Steve Stern who admitted to 5.  (Photos are on the website.)

O.C Amazing Race for Camp to Belong- Bryan Nash reported that the event was very successful and brought in almost $10,000.  It was held last Saturday morning at the Irvine Park Outdoor Education Center and was attended by two hundred participants and observers.



George Poulos celebrated a birthday on May 23rd with a barbecued lamb dinner

Deb Accornero also celebrated a birthday with a drive down to Laguna Beach, brunch at the Beachcomber Restaurant and a new pair of diamond stud earrings.  Ron also announced that his daughter-in-law gave birth to a baby girl.


Happy Bucks:

Greg Mills was happy to see Gerardo Rodriguez at today's meeting. Gerardo has decided to apply for membership to the club.  His sponsor is Nagy Ibrahim and his category will be contractor.

His particular specialty is home restoration after water or smoke damage.

Jim Glenn- thanked Milt Stamos and Stan Van Denberg for helping with dinner at the Ronald McDonald House last night.

Jay Applebaum was proud to announce that his daughter Nicole, a senior at Villa Park High School, won medallions for academic excellence at last night's ceremony in French, English, Science and Social Science.  She will graduate with a GPA of 4.94 out of a possible 5 and will be going to Washington University in St. Louis to study biomedical engineering.  She is the recipient of a summer science fellowship and will be working in the laboratory of a physician  at Wash U. doing stem cell research on spinal cord injuries.

Lesslie Giacobbi was happy that she has normal grand children. Although she does take every opportunity to praise them when they come to visit.

Teri Brooks gave thanks and praise to Linda Bartrom-Olsen for the wonderful Interact Recognition Dinner.  She also learned that her daughter and fiance decided to get married tomorrow so she better get cooking.  Her new son-in-law is a country western singer who also does impressions and works steadily in Las Vegas.  Imagine that, another showbiz member in the family!! Congrats Teri!!

Bob Meyer raised $2,200 for Operation a Bit of Home.

Spud Lambing was happy to announce that his oldest daughter who attended Santiago Canyon College will be attending Cal State Dominguez Hills.  She is the recipient of a grant from the Villa Park Rotary Club.

Bob Kreisberg- updated us on the Jr. Achievement Program at Cerro Villa Middle School

    This weeks theme was budgeting.  Each 7th grade student was given $100 and had to budget housing, food,entertainment, charity and savings.  The formula Bob gave them was 20-25% for housing and 10% for savings.  He then let them do the same with a budget of $200.  Bob was impressed with the kids creativity.  Meanwhile, the 8th graders had a visit from Lesslie Giacobbi and a human resources director for Disneyland who told them what they do for a living.  Again, Bob and Lesslie were impressed with the kids questions and focus.

Lesslie seconded Bob's enthusiasm and lauded him for his relatability. She highly recommended  watching the videos that he produces to help with productivity in the business place.

Joe Brand- was happy to be back after last week's attack of pleurisy.  He accidentally took one of his wife's medications and wound up spending the night at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Greg Mills bragged about daughter Abby who was the winning goalie in a soccer tournament. Greg served as assistant coach.

Eric Sense survived a daddy-daughter Indian Princess Campout at Camp Surf in farthest San Diego.

Lisa Stepanski chimed in and blew the whistle saying  that the dads drink and play poker when the girls turn in for the night.  Eric said it was too windy to play poker. Nugh said.

Jim Brodsky and wife Cathy went Rooster Fishing in Mexico.  Cathy caught the biggest fish weighing in at 43 lbs and 38 inches.  Jim also caught some fish and reported having a great time.

Steven Pollack reminded us again that daughter Lauren gave the commencement speech for her college.  Another proud papa!!

Jill Kuli bragged on daughter-in-law Mary who won a Villa Park Community Service Award.

Bob Meyer will be giving a presentation at the Main Orange Library on June 7th at 6:36 PM on D-Day and the glider suicide missions.

Lisa Stepanski loved the tickets she got for the Angels Game from Jay Applebaum.  This is the first time she and her family have ever stayed beyond the 8th inning. The Angels beat the Oakland Athletics and the Stepanski Family had an awesome time.



The Honorable John Moorlach, OC Supervisor


Supervisor Moorlach was funny and very informative, but he had little good news to say about the

state of California's economy now or for the foreseeable future.  The groundhog saw his shadow and retreated back into his hole for the next several years.


Preview of Coming Events:

Sunday May 30th- Villa Park Family Picnic- set-up at 10:30

  Menu- Hot Dogs, Chilidogs, Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Chips and drinks

Sunday June 27th- 5-8PM  Demotion Party for President Joe Brand

    at the home of Joe Brand- Mexican Dinner/Fiesta

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