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By Ken Tracy | Broker in Naperville, IL

The Power of the Exclamation Point!

I post a lot of comments on various social media sites like Trulia, Facebook and Active Rain.  I try to keep my comments positive, supportive, and inspirational...

While commenting last night, I chuckled when I realized how often I was using exclamation points.  I know I do it.  Sometimes I will catch myself throwing it out, once, twice, three times in a row!


Overkill perhaps, but the way I live my life.  I am not the quietest of fellows, so the exclamation point is the perfect punctuation for me.  It is the cherry on a sundae...

I love the exclamation point!  Exclamation points make a big difference, and I would rather use exclamation points freely than not at all...

When I go out to dinner with my best friend, the waiter will come by the table and ask, "How is everything?"

My answer?  Usually an "Awesome!" or an "Excellent!" or even a "Delicious!"

I am not being phony.  Perhaps I am easy to please, but I like eating, so I let the waiter know I appreciate the food and the service...

When the question gets to one of my buddies, he usually responds, "Good."

The waiter pauses.  There is an awkward silence...

I try and smooth things out with a joke, but the damage has been done...

The waiter walks off wondering just what was wrong with my friend's food.

So whether living life or dining out, don't hold anything back.

Life is better when lived with an exclamation point!



By Ken Allen,  Fri Nov 16 2012, 17:49
By Ken Tracy,  Sat Nov 17 2012, 14:46
Hi Ken. Thanks!
By Elizabeth Bolton,  Sun Nov 18 2012, 18:03
Way to go Ken!! I too love the exclamation point. And it definitely matches my personality and enthusiasm (or vehemence!) level as well. Super post!

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