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Is Hidden Villain Killing Your Home’s Sale?

Raleigh.  Location, location, location drew people to the house.  Goal is to sell the house not show it.  No offers.  No clue as to why either.  What’s next?

Enthusiasm had turned to self-doubt.  Milton and Louise were bright, educated people with a great house in a neighborhood in high demand.  Seven and a half months ago they decided it would be a piece of cake to sell the house on their own.   Not happening.

Without a clue on what to do next, Milton and Louise decided to end their for sale by owner adventure.  They interviewed five agents.  The last agent had a surprise. 

He said he had good idea why their beautiful house was not selling.  “Problem is I want you to hire me as your agent.  If I tell you, you’ll get angry and send me on my way.”  They promised not to get angry, but he knew they would.  He told them anyway.


Milton and Louise got angry.  They took it as a personal attack.  Agent told them their reaction was normal.  Because it was normal, people tend not to mention it.  They just leave.  No sale.

Keep in mind that women usually have key say in home purchases.  They also have keener sense of smell than men according to study published in NY Times.  So it makes sense to deal with odors.  They talked and made the following decisions:

= No cover-up.  Perfumes and candles were not the answer.

= Cleaning.  Removing the cat and smoke (Milton smoked) odors was the right thing to do.

= New smell.  Replace odors with a neutral to slightly pleasant smells.  Most room deodorizers were too strong.

The house sold quickly after that.  Milton and Louise were pleased with the selling price too.  Have an opinion on this subject, share it with us.  Then pass it on to your friends.

Source: Smell - The Secret Seducer, New York Times

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