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On The Outside Looking In

Joseph Domino's Blog

By Joseph Domino | Agent in Scottsdale, AZ

"Are you protecting your client?"

Like a lot of agents who frequent real estate forums like Trulia, I cringe when I read the posts by unfortunate Buyers and Sellers who entered into a contract with terms that are less than favorable or even risky.  It makes me wonder both about the Buyer's naiveté and the representing Agents approach.

While we all can be prone to error (we are human), whenever I write a new contract I am reminded of a time when I worked for a small Brokerage here in Phoenix.  The Broker, we will call him Ron, would preach incessantly "Are you protecting you client?" or "What are you doing to protect your client?".  Ron always made sure that your focus was on making the best deal for your client, even if it cost you a sale.  He was always available to help, if you asked he would gladly review your contract (something that I did often) before submission and was very pragmatic if the deal fell through, "It is just business" he would say.

I have since moved on to a bigger prominent firm, but I still like to carry those habits that Ron taught me. Whenever an agent helps a client execute a contract the best thing they can do is ask themselves "Are you protecting your client?". Sometimes we have to tell the client, "this is not in your in your best interest" even if it frustrates the client. 

If we had more Rons out there our industry would probably be viewed with higher esteem and respect.


By Karen Peyton,  Thu Aug 29 2013, 13:13
Hear, hear!

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