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By JOSEPH RUNFOLA JR, BROKER, GRI | Broker in Staten Island, NY

Local Law 58/09, becomes effective 3/2/2010.

All exposed standpipes and sprinkler piping must be painted
red. The law outlines specific exceptions, such as branch piping.
All buildings – no matter the size or occupancy – must comply
with these new requirements, Dedicated standpipe valve handles
must be painted red. Combination standpipe valve handles
must be painted yellow. Dedicated sprinkler valve handles must
Buildings Under Construction
The special inspector will confi rm compliance before the
walls are enclosed.
Existing Buildings
Owners of buildings with exposed sprinkler piping and
standpipes must comply and hire one of four types of contractors
to certify the color coding:
• Licensed master plumbers;
• Licensed master fi re suppression piping contractors;
• Registered design professionals; or
• People with the appropriate Fire Department
Certifi cate of Fitness.
The color coding certifi cation must be kept on the premises
at all times for Buildings and Fire Department inspect


By Chief Nyc,  Mon Feb 22 2010, 13:59
Does this mean all valve handles associated with each individual system must be painted red, green or yellow according to the type of system?
By JOSEPH RUNFOLA JR, BROKER, GRI,  Tue Feb 23 2010, 06:23
Hello Chief, here is the official flyer, check it out. http://www.nyc.gov/html/dob/downloads/pdf/standpipe_sprinkler_flyer.pdf
By Chief Nyc,  Tue Feb 23 2010, 07:22
Thanks, I've seen this flyer already. I'm trying to determine which valve handles are to be painted (isloation, sprinkler shut off, hose rack, pumps) what colors. If it is by system or what it feeds. I only want to do this once. Don't want to leave it to interpretation of the inspector, if you know what I mean.
By Cara,  Thu Apr 8 2010, 11:09
Does the ENTIRE pipe have to be painted red? I have also read the flyer and am confused if the pipes in our hallways are considered standpipe feed mains or: cross main, or branch line? How would we know- our co-op is assuming all of these horizontal pipes must be painted red and our small building is looking insane. Please clarify?!
By JOSEPH RUNFOLA JR, BROKER, GRI,  Thu Apr 8 2010, 11:18
I would contact the NYC Dept. of Buildings for any specifics.
By Eveningparade,  Sat Apr 24 2010, 15:29
I'd like to paint the bureaucrat who thought this one up RED and his "VALVE" green !!!!!!!!!!
By Chief Nyc,  Tue Apr 27 2010, 10:29
I received detailed information from the FDNY headquarters in Brooklyn. Give them a call and they will fax the info to you.
By Nytc,  Mon May 24 2010, 14:55
Hey - this seems like a crowd who may have answers... is there a SPECIFIC RED, YELLOW or GREEN? Many loft tenants are asking us to use 'decorator" versions of these colors to suit their decor.
By Carbanel,  Mon Jun 7 2010, 19:19
Why did they start this in the first place?
By Edwin,  Sun Aug 22 2010, 14:35
hello my name is Edwin V. this question that im going to asking you is not related to your post so i just wandered if you can help me with any website besides the FSD REMS web to get more information about the New York local Laws i mean local law 5, 58, and 26
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