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By JIM TURANO | Broker in Middle Village, NY
  • Perfect time to buy a Home is now! Take the advantage.......

    Posted Under: General Area in Middle Village, Home Buying in Middle Village, In My Neighborhood in Middle Village  |  December 9, 2014 3:49 AM  |  13 views  |  No comments
    ATTENTION ALL BUYERS....................
    Advantages....... Less competition during the winter and holidays.
    Risks.......Rates are still low now and home prices are neutral level during the winter.
    By Spring with supply & demand, the prices begin moving upwards again. And if rates go up just 1/8 to 1/4 percent by March / April 2015,
    so does your monthly mortgage payment.
    Avoid the risk if you are serious buyers, and look and attend the Open Houses between now and January 2015.
    Homes still come in, estates have to be settled.
    Do not put it off until Spring.
    Clients I know from last December still haven't purchased a home.
    Result-Homes are $35k-$50k higher in price now.
    Rates have gone up almost 1% which equals a much bigger monthly mortgage payment.

    With single family homes that have recently sold, in the Middle Village North area, reaching from $625k to $725k, for a 3bedroom attached Brick Home, this is a record.
    The current available Two families range from $925k to $1.2 million dollars.

    If you want Middle Village North, a specific school district, express buses, and plenty of stores to go shopping to, look for Estate sales.
    Look for the homes that may have kitchens & baths that are 25-40 years old. Look and hope you do find panneling on the walls.
    All this creates opportunity, and a better purchase price.

    Final note-Better to place the quality of Kitchens and colors of your choice in your new home. And if the style of years ago was panneling, so what, you take it off and just sheet rock the walls with a fresh coat of paint. (or you may not have to sheetrock at all)
    The importance of a much lower price, a Triple AAA location, a Private Yard for the children and your pets, in walking distance to the schools you want are the Key factors.


  • Two Families in Middle Village on MLS range from $999k-$1,050,000

    Posted Under: General Area in Middle Village, Home Buying in Middle Village, In My Neighborhood in Middle Village  |  November 26, 2014 3:00 AM  |  41 views  |  2 comments
    What most buyers forget or do not realize, is that these homes for sale usually do not have the color kitchens or bathrooms your family would like.
    Or the quality of cabinets and fixtures to.
    What was in 1979 still applies today.
    Buying a Home that needs renovation may be your best bet.
    Sheet rocking, kitchens and bathrooms of your choice to install.
    And instead of paying a Million dollars or more for a Two Family, you can come across that handyman special at an asking price of $899k.
    Big difference.
    Four months ago, one a handyman special came in, it was sold in 48 hours after tweenty-two showings. The $100,000 to $150,000 dollars savings in price, gave the buyers the choice of kitchens, bathrooms, and overall look they wanted.
    Key is location.
    Price is also key.
    And come this January 2015, a opportunity such as this will occur once again.
    So if your handy, and want Middle Village North, and like to pick up a 2 Family just under $900k, then be ready.
    For now you can register with a name and contact numbers by e-mailing to:
    No address will be given out just yet.
    However, it will be Middle Village North, Off Eliot Avenue, Triple AAA location.
    No signs and No MLS
    Private showings only!
  • Nobody wants to move during the Holidays, but some must!

    Posted Under: General Area in Middle Village, In My Neighborhood in Middle Village, Rentals in Middle Village  |  November 20, 2014 2:29 AM  |  81 views  |  No comments
    For some tenants they have no choice if a home has been recently sold.
    However, some Landlords are told by their tenants they are leaving.
    So the situation for some becomes an opportunity for others.

    Nov.20th-Apartments coming in at this time.............
    And you as tenants do not have the competition you usually face when looking.

    *Garden Apartment-3 rooms in two level building.
    Right off Metropolitan Avenue. With a Laundry Room facility on Premise. Rent $1400.

    *6 rooms-off Eliot Avenue, 3bedrooms, all remodeled, only $1800 rent.

    *5rms.2beds. modern with parking, off Eliot Ave., Absentee Landlord, rent $2,000

    *Two bedroom being remodeled currently, 71st.area, available Dec.1st. $1500 rent

    All you have to do is call the agent directly. 'DO NOT E-MAIL'.
    ADELE SCALFANI 1-718-496-8673
    //////////////////////////////////////// HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
  • Slowly 2014 is coming to an end. Buyers/Investors still purchasing.

    Posted Under: General Area in Middle Village, Home Buying in Middle Village, Investment Properties in Middle Village  |  November 1, 2014 5:27 AM  |  88 views  |  No comments

    Buyers are still calling and looking at this time of year. Why? Because customers like my very last buyer who bought a 1 family-2 bedroom, just got at 3.5% mortgage rate.
    Home prices are rising rapidly.
    Rates are extremely low yet.
    Next year may be a different story.
    Investors are purchasing with both feists and serious buyers are coming out to look at homes daily. Those that put it off, or are waiting for next year will not like the outcome.
    It has been this way since I started 36 years ago.
    You can not pick the perfect price and mortgage rate you want.
    Remember 1987 when rates were 17%?
    If you did not buy yet this year do so.
    Investors know potential, rent potential growth-change in areas, and know that mortgage rates today are in perfect ideal levels.

    Deal of the year for Investors- Currently a 12 Family Brick, Cornelia/Myrtle Ave.
    Rental Income $174K.......Shown in  27 times in 14 days.
    Three offers and one coming in today!
    Ridgewood is HOT!

    When you see an ad, call the number within the Ad.
  • APARTMENTS-10/30/14 Still looking? Call Adele directly!

    Posted Under: General Area in Middle Village, In My Neighborhood in Middle Village, Rentals in Middle Village  |  October 30, 2014 3:52 AM  |  86 views  |  No comments
    Move now or wait until spring!
    Right now this is the last of apartments like this in the area.
    Middle Village
    1) 5rms.2beds.off Eliot Ave. 'Modern"
    Rent $1800
    2) 6 rms.3beds. off Eliot Ave. 'Modern'
    rent asking $2,000
    3) 3 rms.off 57Avenue,Elmhurst, 
    newly painted walk in, steps to trains/Queens Blvd. Landlord prefers single person. Rent $1350
    CALL: ADELE 1-718-496-8673
  • Unrelated to Real Estate, but a reality of current events.

    Posted Under: General Area in Middle Village, Quality of Life in Middle Village  |  October 23, 2014 5:24 AM  |  88 views  |  No comments
    I can not keep quiet about this, and feel compelled to speak up.
    Our hearts and prayers are with all in Ottawa, Canada. We as a people, should be ever vigilant than before. I know there are many Veterans who are living and walking the streets, here in America. In New York, there are millions of Veterans still capable to do their part especially now. On the subways, streets, wherever if you see such obvious individuals walking around with guns, or shooting individuals, 'DO SOMETHING'. Calling 911, getting descriptions, 

    following them, participate even with a baseball bat, stop them dead in their tracks.

    Your grandchildren, your children, and families are in danger. So if an isolated attack comes, and you are there where it is happening, do get involved. Between former Veterans who are still capable, physically, and ever street gang in New York, from The Hells Angels to the corners of Hells Kitchen, we must unite kick ass and kill them before they kill us.

    FED UP!

    Read more:Glendale Register - entry Citizens Be on Alert

  • What Agents & Brokers must endure in their career.....

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Middle Village, Home Selling in Middle Village, In My Neighborhood in Middle Village  |  October 17, 2014 5:24 AM  |  125 views  |  4 comments
    In my 36 years in the business of Real Estate, still you always experience a new situation that has never occurred before. What I have learned over the decades is you can not control the actions of buyers or sellers. In general most buyers and sellers to a great degree are only interested in their best interests. The agent, or Broker has to deal, and cope with various degrees of hidden agenda's, like people not being up front with you, and plenty of unexpected surprises that compromise your deals.

    Ready to close, after a period of time, wait a minute......
    1) not being paid the commission agreed to.
    2) buyers not having the funds to close on a property
    3) selling a home, and finding out there is not a C of O
    4) vioations on a building/house,etc.
    5) no C of O for extentions
    6) filing for a C of O and having to wait 10 months to get one
    7) clearing violations, having inspections, and receiving certification from buildings dept.
    8) Termites, Asbestos removal, and other costly expenses to sellers, and more time needed
    9) Upgrading of electric needed for mortgage approval, big expense for seller, and another renogiation of commission sometimes.
    10) selling a home in middle village, and closing is set at exit 63 on the long island expressway. Why?

    Patience, and Good health is needed to survive the ongoings of the most draining types of deals in the careers of agents & brokers.

    Let me throw one more event at you that just occurred with me.
    An owner who could not sell his mixed use building for 1 year & gave me an opportunity to sell it. Naturally he wanted nobody to know about it, and especially his tenants.
    He wanted $900k for himself. I attained a buyer and got the owner $1 million for himself.
    Great job right? Two days later instead of getting his attorneys name and number like the seller told me, he comes back with we decided to keep the building afterall.

    Yes every day is a new day in the Real Estate Market. You try and be positive, take the punches on the chin, deal with problems, problem solving is like breathing every day, and you can not control everything most of the time. You either roll with it or it will roll you into an early grave.

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