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By Jennifer B Greene | Agent in Morris County, NJ

Who Should Create a Custom Website?

A client recently let me know that he is not really interested in a custom Website.  It made me think about who might really benefit from a "Custom Website" as apposed to a templated website.
 Reasons for a custom website:


It makes your business that much more valuable.  When you retire and  go to sell your business- imagine you have a branded website that pulls leads regularly, and a database that has been maintained regularly that yields clients(read- money ) on a regular basis.You cant just build this on the moment and have it be successful.  Time is necesary to build its effectiveness.  So, How much more valuable have you made your self with this website that you have been building on for years?

More "stickiness" for prospects and clients- provide content that attracts more prospects to fill out the log in sheets

Custom site has much more flexibility

A custom site has far better potential for superior organic search results.- you can eventually stop paying for #1 search results.- or have both organic and pay per click

Expensive to set up, pretty cheap to maintain- You do not live at the whiim of the website company. You own the design, the content and the domain name, hence More Control The more work you do on it, the better the search results, and the better the prospect and client results.

If you have the market share and thus the potential to use this tool very effectively. you can  Leverage it into money in the long run., it can be a useful investment of your time and energy? 

What - you say that you have never considered your retirement or selling your real estate business? Make no mistake, yours is a business like any other, and  that is a topic for another day!


By Jeremy Gulish,  Sat Feb 5 2011, 16:51
Hi Jennifer,

I think this is a great topic. I have in the past developed custom websites for other businesses; however at this point I maintain a template website that I continue to add content to. For one thing, the template is rather strong and adaptable, and second, it provides me with a strong base to build from.

The challenge with a fully customizable website is that you either need to have the technical knowledge to make the changes yourself or you need to hire someone that does, which can be expensive. This day and age, I think it is essential that agents have a least a basic website. Those that really want to take a foothold into their target markets' online presence through SEO may need to strongly consider developing a custom website - it all comes down to what marketing techniques are your concentration. SEO and building your Google ranking is very much a long term commitment.

Hope you're having a great year.
By rainbow,  Fri Aug 16 2013, 01:59
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