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VA streamline refinance rates - NO APPRAISAL - live VA loan rates from banks, credit unions, lenders, brokers

VA streamline refinance rates   

UPDATE 08/23/2013: Are you looking for a VA streamline with NO appraisal? and the lowest VA loan rates? Rates have moved off all time lows but still low on VA streamlines. Compare VA loan rates from banks, credit unions, lenders, and brokers.

UPDATE 02/26/2013: Are you looking for a VA streamline with NO appraisal? and the lowest VA loan rates? VA streamline IRRRL rates have dropped again and We still offer the VA streamline IRRRL with NO APPRAISAL. Get a quote from an experienced loan professional at Emery Federal Credit Union today with no social security number.

UPDATE 01/29/2013: Pricing is changing on the VA streamline IRRRL refinance loan. Investors are cutting off financing for some lenders offering the VA streamline with NO appraisal. We still offer the VA streamline IRRRL with NO APPRAISAL. Get a quote from an experienced loan professional today. 

Update 01/14/2013: VA loan rates still at all time low mortgage rates. We offer VA Streamline Rates with NO APPRAISAL. You get additional lender credits at closing that are applied to the new escrow account for taxes and insurance.

Update 11/09/2012: Pricing improves on VA Streamline Rates with NO APPRAISAL

Update 08/25/2012: credit score requirement reduced to 680+ for
VA streamline refinance IRRRL with NO APPRAISAL.

Update 11/15/2011:  VA streamline refinance rates drop to 4.0% 30 year fixed 0 closing costs.  Check current VA streamline refinance rates from VA approved lenders and banks at http://current-mortgage-rates.net/compare-mortgage-rates/va-mortgage-rates/va-streamline-refinance-rates/ and/or http://mychartermtg.com/mortgage-rates/va-mortgage-rates/va-irrrl-rates/ and/or http://fha-rates-today.com/mortgage-rates/va-mortgage-rates/

UPDATE:  05/06/2011:  VA streamline refinance rates 4.50% 30 year fixed 0 points 0 lenders fees.

UPDATE:  10/14/2010:  VA streamline refinance rates drop to 3.875% 30 year fixed.  A conventional appraisal is now required on VA streamline refinances.  Lender rebate increased to $1,000 for all VA streamline refinances with appraisal.  640 minimum credit score required.  Can still skip 2 payments.  Apply now with no payment due until January 2011! 

UPDATE 6/16/2010:  $500 off closing costs for VA streamlines.

VA Streamline Refinance Rates are near all time lows under 5.0% for a 30 year fixed rate.  The current VA streamline refinance rate is 4.75% 30 year fixed. 
The VA streamline streamline refinance loan program also called the VA Interest Rate Reduction Loan enables many borrowers to refinance to a lower rate with no qualifying documentation and skip 2 mortgage payments.


VA streamline refinance rates hit all time lows
Current VA Streamline Refinance Rates

VA Streamline refinance rate 4.75% 30 year fixed
VA Streamline on JUMBO 30 year fixed 5.0%

640 minimum credit score required on all VA streamline refinances
Low Fees.  Bank owned.   "A" rating at Better Business Bureau.  Skip 2 payments.  **Click on Rates for quick quote.  No Social

Current VA streamline refinance rates are 4.75% now

VA Streamline Refina
ncing requirements:

The VA Streamline Refinance program allows Military Vets, Active Service personel, Coast Guard, and many members in the reserves with current VA loans to refinance with NO income documentation, NO employment documentation, NO asset documentation, and NO appraisal. 

Mortgage payments over the last 6 months must have 0 payments that have gone over 30 days late.  The 6 months prior to that can have 1x30 day late payment max in order to be able to refinance under the VA Streamline Refinance program.

VA Streamline Refinancing benefits:
The VA does not place any limitations or restrictions on the amount of times you can refinance under the VA Streamline Refinance Program as long as it makes sense and benefits you. 

Since there is very little paperwork and NO credit qualifying, NO debt to income ratios, and NO appraisal it is very simple and easy.  This makes any savings worth wile on an VA a Streamline Refinance.


With home values plummeting over the last 2 years the VA Streamline Refinance is an excellent option for many home owners with current VA loans.  Taking the appraisal out of the equation eliminates not only time and money, but also valuation issues that could arise due to lack of comparable sales or even an overabundance of foreclosure sales in the immediate area.

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