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Janet Gorman Krauss, Associate Broker's Blog

By Janet Gorman Krauss | Agent in 19053

10 Tools to Have in Your Home Tool Kit

Real Estate Today recommends the following tools should be in eveyone's home tool kit:

1.  Good quality hammer - While there are many different types of hammers on the market, you should minimally have a good claw hammer for hanging pictures, and removing nails;

2.  Screw driver set - Including a No. 1 and 2.  Both a regular screw driver and philips screw drivers should be in your tool box.  You may also want to consider a good electric screw driver or bits for the drill, which comes in handy when you have to remove a lot of screws;

3.  Channel locks - A good channel lock that opens to about 2.5" for attaching hoses or using under sinks;

4.  Flat pry bar with a curved end and claw - Extremely versatile from removing screws to lifting up furniture to put gliders under in order to move furniture around - A definite must have;

5.  Good socket set;

6.  Tape measure (25') - Invest in a good metal tape measurer that will last for many years to come.  You will need one for measuring for a new refrigerator, stove, cabinets, placement of furniture, width of doorways...;

7.  2 foot level - Great for handing pictures, leveling appliances, furniture...;

8.  Plunger - maybe not actually a tool but certainly a necessity.  The best is the one with a big rubber head with a bell, which is great for toilets and sinks;

9.  Closet auger - For cleaning out stopped up toilets and a smaller one for cleaning out sinks and tubs stopped up with hair.  These will definitely save you money when you can do this yourself instead of calling out a plumber;

10.  Good paint brush - when taken care of will last for years.  I recommend getting several sizes for different jobs.  You will also want to keep a small artist paint brush for the little touch ups, which are great not only for walls but for furniture that has been scratched.

Please let me know if anyone else has any suggestions of must-haves in the home tool kit that you should never be without.

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