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Charlotte Real Estate Market Report

Charlotte NC Real Estate Neighborhood Market Reports

By Jane Cross | Broker in Charlotte, NC

Realtors, Stage a Home, Stage Yourself

Why show up when you personally don't show well?

Are you are a top producer in real estate sales and your signature look is one  that sports a Bohemian attitude regarding decorum and dress. I  just don't get it.  Perhaps island huts are your niche. Maybe you just sell beach homes. Or, perhaps, I'm suffering from a form of jealousy because I could never pull off a grill smile in baggy pants.  Those that can...my hats off.
What is your dress style and how does it relate to your effectiveness?

If first impressions are a major factor in how clients select real estate agents, why show up looking like you just rolled out of bed from one very good (or very bad) night?  You spent so much effort, time and money to gain that qualified client. Why are you in such a hurry to turn them off?  Stage a home, stage your self for Pete's sake!

If you are a woman, what really works for you?  Does the couple you are out showing homes to have their own issues? A jealous wife, caused by a stray dog for a mate? Or just plain insecurity from the female buyer? If so, that skirt one inch too short may cost you a few thousand dollars. My suggestion:  if they are not your personal friends, dressing professionally and conservatively will help you earn some extra money. Unless, of course, you just sell to men.

And for men, are women afraid to get in the vehicle with you? Are your male clients making sure to dominate the conversation in efforts to keep their wife at bay from your gleaming smile? As much as you would like to sell the house, without selling yourself first, you'll never see the end game.

When you walk in to a top notch office building and the receptionist greets you in casual Friday denim, does your level of respect for this company dip...maybe just a bit?  Perhaps you forgot it was Friday. Do you question why this high dollar company has a slob in the meet and greet spot? I do.

There's a lot of business money and know how being tossed out the window, to be so casual, Friday or not. Have we become too casual?

I am in Charlotte NC real estate sales and Charlotte is a conservative financial hub, not a tourist attraction. I think in business settings, yes, we have. One should not have to make an apology for one's appearance. Business attire is called business attire for this reason: it is our image that portrays professionalism and inspires our clients to have a bit of confidence in us. If you are in a business that you never have to meet with a client, then your robe will do. 

First impressions have always mattered.  Those at the top of their sales game, dress for success. This doesn't just apply to the real estate profession. This applies across the board. Put your reticular activator in gear, and start taking performance notes of those that are excelling where others fail.  If  you run a company, you might want to put some "image" rules in place. Professional standards dictating a professional image can be a very good company policy in more ways than one.

Show up looking, acting and speaking in a professional manner and the odds are very, very good that you will enjoy reaping the rewards and results that a professional sales career can bring to you.

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