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By Ilyce Glink | Real Estate Pro in Chicago, IL

File A Complaint Against A Realtor

A reader recently asked how to file a complaint with a realtor, I gave them the information, but also added a disclaimer that they should speak with other real estate professionals and make sure any bad behavior from your realtor warrants complaint.

Have an of the Trulia Realtors out there ever had a complaint filed agianst them? What was the result? How did it affect your business?

Q: How do you make people aware of an unprofessional real estate agent? I want people to be aware of this one agent who cost us a potential sale because of her unprofessional behavior.

A: If you’ve had an unpleasant experience with either a listing agent or a buyer’s agent, you should first contact the managing broker or owner of the firm and schedule an appointment to discuss the situation. You should calmly discuss the problem and ask the broker to resolve it for you, either by bringing in the agent so everyone can air their grievance or by speaking directly to the agent on your behalf.

If that doesn’t solve the problem and you have a legitimate grievance, you can file complaints with the National Association of Realtors (if the agent is a member) and local and state association of realtors. The governmental department in your state that regulates real estate agents and real estate brokers may allow you to file a complaint against the agent with that office. You can go online to the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint there as well.

While it may help you feel better to file a complaint, it’s unlikely that your agent will lose his or her license because of it. I suppose if the behavior was egregious, your state may take some disciplinary action.

But before you go down the war path with the agent, it’s worthwhile first trying to talk to the person that supervises that agent in the local office or regional office for that agency and then move up the chain of command to the owner if you do not feel your concern has been addressed property.

What is the craziest complaint you've ever heard someone file against a Realtor?

Read the rest of my advice on filing a complaint against a lawyer here.


By Terry,  Mon Jul 30 2012, 05:27
what if the realtor you are dealing with is the owner. She signed herself up as a dual agent on our contract with asking us and is clearly looking out for owner not buyer. She refuses to return phone calls, emails. This is a Remax owner/realtor in Luzerne County
By gaj538,  Mon Aug 11 2014, 05:37
Our realtor is also the broker. We've recently become aware that the listing she posted, her only listing, of our home has I for Marion that is completely incorrect. Everything from the measurement of our property, we showed her the blueprint from the state, county, and township, is completely false. The remodel date is incorrect, posted on a date that was 13 years before we remodeled, and 5 years before we bought our home. The exterior picture was dark, and not appealing at all. I had to re-take the picture and send it to her-she never came out to take a replacement picture. The style of the home is incorrect. The square footage of the home is listed at half of what it actually is. And on and on. Our home has been listed for going on five months. In that time, there have been three viewings of our home, none of which were performed by her. My husband and I have decided to remove our home from the market. We left several emails, text messages and voicemails and did not hear back from her. She left a text message that there would be a showing in three days, and I texted her back and said No- No showings. And asked her if she had received any of the several messages we had left her. Well, a different realtor showed up with a interested buyer anyway and showed our home. Twenty minutes later our realtor finally called us, from California. We had no idea she was going anywhere, she never mentioned it to us. While on the phone my husband explained "This just isn't working for us, and we have decided to remove it from sale" That we viewed our home for the first time on MLS and were shocked at how many inconsistencies there were posted on there about our home, and the picture she took was still on there. She immediately started accusing my of calling her a liar, my husband said he wasn't, he tried to say something, while on the phone with her and couldn't get a word in edgewise. She then sent me an email and stated that she was in no rush to get back to Michigan for us, she would deal with us when she did get back. She's due back tomorrow. We haven't heard from her. Since the "showing" we asked her not to schedule, was over. I and my husband strongly feel that we and our home have been misrepresented and want to file suit against her for posting incorrect/false information about our home and property. We believe that is the reason only three people have viewed our home in five months, and now we are three mortgage payment in arrears because so many people were driving by, but never stopped, and truly believe our home would have sold long before now had it not been for her incompetence. I have removed her sign and lockbox (which has never had a key in it), and is locked in my shed. My property. Is posted with the county and township and local sheriffs department as a No Trespassing property.
Any suggestions?

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