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By Michael Lewis White | Agent in Louisville, KY

Don't be a dead end.

You need Links.
Websites need links to be seen. That's why I am always publishing content and hotlinking as often as possible back to my website. House in Louisville -Oops I did it again. :-)

Links are like votes, and they pass ranking along with them. The differnece here is that you can stuff this ballot box and not get in trouble. So we need to build links, tons of them, and add to that total every day of the week. But where we marketing guru's sometimes fail is on our own websites. We blog all over town dropping links to our "Great Site" when the reality is its anything but. In fact most agent sites I visit are veritable dead ends.

Dead End Sites
In my book, your site is a deadend if it fails to do anything that a potential searcher might want. Thats a broad statement, so I will clarify it with "as it pertains to your keywords". Personally my main keywords are "House in Louisville". I know we aren't supposed to be targeting generic phrases like that, but I truly have what it takes to own a phrase like this. And the reason is: I don't build dead end sites.

Useful sites have relevant content that pertains to their keywords. The content is organized in a meaningful, concise and searchable manner. And it is displayed attractively. If you don't have any worthwhile content for me, the searcher, why would I even want to come to your site? More importantly, why would the search engine send me? No matter how many "votes" your site has, lack of content is going to kill you everytime.

Outbound Links 
Here is the real kicker. You are not the be-all end-all destination on the web. If your site doesn't link out to lots of useful sites, then Google is seeing the internet stop just past your door. Think of it like a shopping mall versus a stand alone business.  The search engine is not going to send people on a wild goose chase to the outskirts of town, they are more likely to send their searcher somewhere where they can find a selection of what they are looking for.

We need to find all the resources we can, and build our sites into information hubs for our local areas. In the spirit of this I have created a resources section on my site. You can see it here: http://www.houseinlouisville.com/resources. That's the first step. the next is actually following through and filling it with content. :-)

About the Author
Michael Lewis White, is a daddy. In his spare time he is also a blogger, home builder, and real estate enthusiast. His posts are focused on home buying, selling, and living in Louisville. You can read more insightful tips at his blog, and find your next home on his website at House in Louisville - http://www.houseinlouisville.com.


By Michael Lewis White,  Mon Oct 24 2011, 22:57
What do you think? Let me know in the comments! If this post helped or entertained you, please give me a thumbs up. Thanks!
By Jennifer Ratcliff,  Tue Oct 25 2011, 07:59
Thanks for this! I am trying to build my blogging and internet skills so I love any new advice I can get on these subjects. Keep them coming!
By Michael Lewis White,  Tue Oct 25 2011, 08:54
I assure you I will. To stay on top of all my posts, why not subscribe? Thanks for the comment Jennifer, it means a lot to hear from my readers.

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