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Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter:

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) receptacles are a wonderful electrical safety device. They protect against an electrical shock. The device senses an imbalance (any loss of current) in the flow of current if there is a ground fault (a short) and immediately (in a fraction of a second) shuts off the electricity at the receptacle.

The National Electrical Code (NEC) in specific locations since 1973 
has required GFCI receptacles and/or circuit breakers.  Most local regulations follow the NEC and these jurisdictions having authority have adopted the NEC proposals over time. We recommend upgrading by installing GFCI protected receptacles in all locations required by present standards.

This includes locations in outdoor receptacles (since 1973,) bathrooms 
(since 1975,) garage wall outlets (since 1978,) kitchen locations within six feet of the sink (since 1987,) and more recently all receptacles serving the kitchen countertop, bar sink locations, unfinished basements and crawl spaces (since 1990.) They are also commonly utilized for equipment such as sump pumps, 
whirlpools, spas and pool equipment.

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