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By Elvin Carroll | Agent in 49506

How to know if you like butter

I saw a grasshopper today! Its really is a big deal. It means that this is really Spring and the snow is probably gone for a while. It also reminded me of something else.

When I was a kid about 5 or 6 years old, while chasing grasshoppers through a field, I discovered something amazing. I discovered a small yellow flower so colorful and bright. I gathered a bunch of them and took them home to give to my mom. I thought they'd make a great present and I could give her something she'd probably never seen before.

To my surprise my flowers withered quickly, but I'd still give them to my mom anyway. Imagine my surprise to find that my mom had seen flowers like this before. Imagine my further surprise to learn that my discovered flower wasn't a flower at all. It was a weed instead. I had discovered the dandelion.

Now to all of my lawnmowing and gardening friends, the dandelion is a menace; It must be destroyed. But to me it is something else entirely. My mom taught me something her dad had taught her; and his dad had shared with him before. She taught me the secret of the dandelion. I'll share that secret with you.

You see, the dandelion has the power to reveal which of your friends like the taste of butter. The process is rather simple. You grab a fresh dandelion and hold it under your friend's chin. If you see a faint yellow glow on their skin beneath their chin, then you have discovered which of your friends likes the taste of butter.

Happy Spring Everyone

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