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By EdithJasser YourRealtor4Life | Broker in 60093

Should I put my home on the market now in the Winter or in the Spring

Big Question for any Seller, when do I put my home on the market to get the most activity and the most money.

Well there is no magic answer really, because nobody can really predict when the right buyer for just your home is going to come along...  But let's generalize a little what is good for the Seller.

1.  why are you selling and how motivated are you to sell your home and move on

2.  What is your plan once  you do sell your home

3.   Have you discussed your financial situation for the sale and for the potential purchase
      of your next home?

4.  Did you get the input of an experienced Realtor  and or a prof. stager, to have your home
     staged in the very best way, i.e. so it shows in its best light to the potential buyers?

5.  Did you do all small repairs, potential painting, any minor changes done

6.  Did your Realtor point out some major items you will have to either fix and repair or replace
     or offer  a credit to the potential buyer so that they can take care of the repair and or re-
     place ment?

IN SHORT BEFORE PUTTING YOUR HOME ON THE MARKET GET THESE 6 ITEMS TAKEN CARE OF, then sit with an experienced Realtor, and get honest and straightforward advice on
how much you can expect your home to sell for, and how far you could potentially reduce the
asking price depending on the activity you get in the beginning.   Have all these discussions and decisions or at least a step by step plan early on in your discussions so that you will not be
disappointed down the road...

Then prepare, fix, paint, move out furniture or move it around, unclutter etc. etc.

And then sit back, relax and let  your Realtor work on your behalf and in your very BEST interest~!

Edith YourRealtor4Life and Chicago/N.Illinois and Northshore Expert
Working always in the very BEST interest of her clients
EdithSellsHomes@gmail.com   847-609-3949  cell


By Jody Wise,  Tue Jan 4 2011, 07:24
I was wrestling with that same question as I hvae a number of listings that could start now or wait. I posed the question to the city agents and the answers came back mixed.

So I dug into the data of inventory and sale rates for the past few years to see if the data would support a "list now" or list at the start of the spring market. The DATA SUPPORTS LIST IN THE SPRING. Even though the inventory is higher in the spring, the rate of sale (with a 60 day lag for closing) is significantly higher in the spring than now. So my recommendation would be to get you home ready now but list in March. This way the property is "new" to the market when the market is hot.

For more info on the contact me http://www.WiseMovesChicago.com

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