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By Ed Hodkinson | Agent in 11714

Sent To The Corner?

Well still being new and learning all the time this was another experience I've never had. I've brought in my customers (I call them that because I've no buyer agency form signed) for the inspection of the house they are buying. I like to trail the inspector because I like to learn the in's and outs of the house and who better to learn that from than from the inspector. 

So we are about 20 minutes in and the inspector says to me "Who do you work for"? So I told him I'm a brokers agent so I ultimatley work for the seller. He says, ok then can you give us some space? I was like sure...whatever is easier for you.

So I waited outside for the other hour of the inspection until everyone came outside. It felt super awkward. I've been on 4 trips with these people and have never met the seller of that particular house or even the selling agent but I was made to feel sort of untrustworthy? I heard the inspector say to the buyers somethiong about "working on commission" so it sort of sounded like he was telling them to really question where my loyalty lies.

Obviously I know the drill and without the buyer agency I'm working for the seller. But I think this guy should have had a little more tact.

What do you think?



By Donna Kunzig,  Sun Sep 18 2011, 12:28
I think I could guess who the inspector was! I don't believe he has a right to ask you to leave. If you are working for the seller, you are expected to protect the contents of the seller's home. If you don't follow the inspector, and something is missing, or he forgets to turn off the heat, and oven, or something else, (like has happened to me in the past-they're human) then you are responsible. I would kindly explain that to him. In addition Ed, don't be afraid to speak up and say in front of both the inspector and buyer that, despite your loyalty to the seller, you have an obligation to be fair and honest wit6h the buyers, and, further, that you don't appreciate any insinuation otherwise! Congratulations on your first deal. I read about it but couldn't log on to congratulate you...you have tenacity!!
By Ruth & Perry Mistry,  Sun Sep 18 2011, 15:24
Amazing Ed, that an Inspector would pass such a comment, time
To not use such an inspector.

By Ed Hodkinson,  Sun Sep 18 2011, 17:10
Well I felt the same way Ruth and Perry. Again though this was the inspector that my buyers chose and because we did not have an "official" buyers agreement he didn't care. He wanted me away. Unbelievable.
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