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By Robert Pratt | Broker in Chicago, IL

Home Improvement Projects for Your Chicago Home

Another unrelenting Chicago winter is nigh, and while, more often than not, the onset of bone-chilling cold serves to drive the majority of Chicagoans into their homes in a state of quasi-hibernation for the duration of winter, this season does not have to be an unproductive one.

Spending more time in your home means you now have more time to improve upon imperfections, repair damages and make changes you were previously too busy speed boating on Lake Michigan to get around to. If there are aspects of your Chicago home that have been bothering you throughout the warmer months—fraying carpets, peeling wallpaper corners, outdated paint colors—now is the time to take care of them. The following steps will help you orient yourself when facing the sometimes daunting task of home improvement projects:

1.     Compile a list of all desired home improvement projects. Everything you need to change/fix for your Chicago home to be your ideal living space.

2.     Set a deadline for when you want all of your home improvement projects to be finished by. Knowing there is an end in sight motivates you to work quickly and efficiently. Maybe you are having a dinner party for which you want the house to look pristine; or maybe you just want everything done before the New Year. Whatever it is, know your end point.

3.     Hold a family meeting and discuss priorities, figure out how much money you want to allocate and decide on a budget. Make sure you can afford all of your projects while still being able to put food on the table. If the costs seem too high, knock some of the less important projects off the list.

4.     Weigh the pros and cons of each item on your list. Think seriously about whether every item on the list needs to be done immediately, or whether some of them can wait until you have more time, money, etc. Do you want to invest more money in repairs that will pay off in the long run or be frugal and save more money for the year? NOTE: Do not forget to factor weather into your decisions. Remember that outdoor improvements are probably going to be very difficult during the winter months and should probably be put on hold until the weather improves.

Consider your long-term plans for the home, as well. If you are planning on selling your Chicago home in the near future, decide whether the improvements will be a worthwhile investment (i.e. can you get your money back when you resell?). You might want to consult with a real estate agent to determine which changes will be most lucrative when it comes to selling the house, and which ones are simply not necessary.


By Jack Gillis, CRS, M.B.A., J.D.,  Mon Dec 12 2011, 08:22
Nice post.
By Jack Gillis, CRS, M.B.A., J.D.,  Mon Dec 12 2011, 08:24
Nice post.

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