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By Desare Kohn Laski | Broker in Parkland, FL

Top 7 Tips to Cut Down on Garden Works

Improving and maintaining the garden consumes great time. It is exhaustive if you really don't know how to make your work easier. To cut down on your garden works, here are top 7 tips to help you.

  1. Install automatic watering systems. They can be programmed according to the times of the days you want to water the plants. These systems are ideal for individuals who are frequently outside the house and have occasional time to focus on garden care.

  2. If you like potted plants, it will be better if you will keep few large pots than keeping numerous small pots. Smaller pots may consume little spaces but they are generally harder to keep and will consume more of your time during pruning, watering, and cultivating.

  3. If you are into an edible garden theme, you better stick to low-maintenance fruit trees like persimmon, guava, pomegranate, mango, avocado, and macadamia.

  4. If you like a vegetable garden but has restricted time to perform hard garden work, then crops like spring onions, garlic chives, lettuces, and parsley are good options. They require low-work maintenance and care.

  5. Long-flowering annuals are your ideal choices for an ornamental garden. Daisies and sages provide more blooms while requiring less of your garden work and care.

  6. If you want a lawn area but you are worried of the difficulty maintaining such a wide grass area, you're off to cut down the work by having a pavement part between the lawn areas.

  7. If you really are not a good gardener but is inspired by numerous pictures of amazing gardens you see in glossy magazines, you can always hire the services of a professional landscape artist, garden care experts, and lawn specialists. For other maintenance works, you can employ the services of a nearby pruner or gardener to prune shrubs, renew garden mulches, and trim trees.

These 7 tips will lessen the time and energy you'll need to exert to make your garden a space that exudes a relaxing comfort. And if you will be victorious in cutting down your garden work, you will have more time picking fruits, sniffing the flowers, or just loving the kiss of fresh air while watching the herbs, shrubs and trees dance to the wind. Your bonus attractions will be the birds, butterflies, and bees that will be regulars of your appealing garden, not to mention the odd caterpillars that will be semi-regulars on the garden floor.

Desare Kohn-Laski is a proud and experienced Florida realtor who is knowledgeable and familiar of the East Coast Florida real estate market. Some of the areas of her service include Parkland, Fort Lauderdale, and Hallandale Beach. Stop the chase for your dream house with her professional assistance. For more information, hop on to http://www.skyelouisrealty.com.

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